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Sunsets Dawn

Written by Infexious

This holiday is celebrated across the Three Nation Isles by all denizens. Though, each Island has its own customs and each sub-culture has its own lore and stories behind this two day event.  Most if not all cultures spend this time reflecting over the past year, telling stories to the younglings of their ancestries and lineages past.  The First Day's Dawn is always met with a hearty breakfast and games for the young ones who happened to sleep through most of the previous nights events.


This two day event (which falls on the final day of the year at sunset, and ends on the first day of the new year at dawn) is the remembrance of the The Great Cataclysm--the sunset--and the celebration of life renewed by another year of no cataclysmic events.


Most cultures have accepted or adopted the sunset on the final day of the year and sunrise of the first day of the year as an integral part of their celebrations.  The general days events begins with the morning of the Sunset Day preparing the last minute provisions for any ceremonies, feasts, or events schedule for the day leading up to the Sunset ceremonies. The entire night from sunset until the following morning at sunrise are all different but build up to the people of each gathering finding a place to watch the sunrise or to meet with others to greet the First Day's Dawn.

Components and tools

Many cultures have great feasts, while others hold religious ceremonies. No matter the rituals or customs, the event is a celebration to the life lived and the life left to live in the coming year.


Sunset of the final day of the current year and sunrise of the first day of the incoming year.
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Cover image: WA_Title_Image by M. Cervantes Jr.


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