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Welcome! Salutations! Greetings, civilities and pleasantries! Whether by foot, by hoof, by wing, or perhaps, by way of creepy yawning runed magical portal, you have arrived! Come! Explore a vibrant living world chock full of expansive oceans and vast continents painted with formidable mountains, mystical forests and lush jungles. Each harboring a diverse argosy of cultures and species; all waiting to be discovered by you!   But fear not, auspicious traveler! As you gad about this wondrous place you will meet many savory, and some not so savory, characters; each with their own stories to tell. In fact, here in Athea, you are especially in luck, for this world abounds with storytellers! And during your stay, you may come to rely on them to guide you through the whimsical, the wonderment, the awe, the dread! Seek them out! Whether delving a musty old tomb, searching for long lost love, or traversing lofty mountainous paths seeking the dragon’s lair, the storytellers stand witness and will gladly spin their yarns for coin or cup!   So gather your friends! Hitch up your get-a-long! Steel thyself for the best is yet to come! You stand upon the threshold of Athea. A fantastical world of magic and myth. Go forth and forge your destiny!
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