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Gam the Damned

Gam the Damned was a wretched man who made his living at piracy in the Middle Sea, attacking and pillaging merchent and passenger vessels which flowed in numerity between the two continents of Ubia and Abunna. Gam had always had followers of both men and women who saught to take advantage of others. Though the turnover rate of seamen under his command was always high, when ship captains of merchant vessels began to employ the help of marinar mercinaries to sail along with them.

Early on in his career as a pirate, Gam would leave most occupants of raided ships alive and well, sending them on their way after taking from them whatever he pleased, but after just three years of free reign upon the water, Gam's crew began to get attacked in return, even by average passengers. One fateful day upon the deck of The Swan, a passenger vessel bound for Eimtin with a rich noble family from the North of Abunna, Gam and his crew walked the length of the boat, knifing every man, woman and child to death and leaving The Swan to wander on its own far out to sea. The ship was found later, wrecked on the salt strewn shores of Abunna, members of the noble family displayed haphazardly upon the shore. It was clear then that they had been victims of foul play and that is when most ships began to hire escorts for each voyage.

Gam had given his soul away for power, striking down all who stood in his way, but his pirate crew were never lucky enough to live through more than a raid or two. In the beginning, Gam had found others of equal sinister desires as himself in back-alley gambling halls and saloons, but once word got out that captains were fighting back, the recruit channels dried up and Gam was forced to seek less savory and less experienced crew members. While there is never a shortage of criminals in Sanctuary, being a riffian who is willing to break laws and being one who is capable of sailing a ship are two very different things.

It was with a motly bunch of such inexperienced scoundrels that Gam found himself far out to see amidst the sweeping winds of the fabled and feared saltstorms. His ship was destoryed and his corpse washed up on the Whips Isles shores. Gam was damned for his murderous ways and that is how he will forever be remembered.
Circumstances of Death
Killed at sea by a saltstorm.
Light Blue
Bald head. Gray beard.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
200 lbs.

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