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Asyllos is a vast magical realm in which life and magic thrive. After the Calamity Event which nearly erased humanity off the globe, what was left of the humans set sail to the isolated region of Lumene, where they could replenish their numbers, rebuild their society, and plot their revenge. The story begins over 1000 years after humanity was faced with extinction and they have since established a thriving semblance of their past way of life. The journey to the regal Academy of Siriene is the first major story arc which introduces several of the main characters who are featured in the story. The successful graduates of the Academy are often provided with fame, honour, and power, but must also submit to the wishes of the reigning king. While only a small portion of the world of Asyllos is originally shown, the world is much larger than the continent of Lumene, where the first arc takes place. The continent of Lumene is shortly thrown into a civil war after the assassination of the Royal Family, and the characters will find themselves tangled in political schemes, academic endeavours, emotional affairs, and intercontinental adventures.