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Asteria is a world devoid of humans and their extreme conflict; instead, witches are the main species. While they have had a few wars, none have been perpetuated by pure evil. At least, not by the witches themselves. Fairies used to rule over the witches until a great battle in which they were all slew. The Goddesses disappeared with the death of the fairy Queen, Mab, and have not been seen for over fifty thousand years, disappearing into legend.   Magic essentially makes up the world--it is the very life force and can never be drained. It is said that the World Tree is the heart of magic, with its roots spreading all over Asteria, and that it can never be chopped down, burnt, or destroyed. All creatures and plants have inherent, but differing, magical properties.   Aside from witches, two other main species exist in Asteria: conroicht (werewolves) and merrow (mermaids). Both are fairly peaceful species, like witches, but some individuals are prone to conflict.

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