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A large stone amphitheater, with a large glass floor in the middle. Underneath the glass floor lays a pool of I-36V kept in place by the containment field. on the armrest of each seat in the amphitheater is are two buttons, on red, the other green. whenever the need arises to take a vote everyone in attendance will press the button corresponding to their choice. The Occurens is also the place where new Titans are appointed. if any titan is every thought to be morally compromised, or to not have Retributions best interest at heart, a vote will be initiated to replace said titan. Each titan has the right to defend their position via combat if they so felt, this usually results in replacements being as good if not a better fighter and tactician than the last. The glass can and will be broken during the contingency Ragnarok. The glass cannot be broken prior to Ragnarok as it is reinforced to be able to survive even an I-36B-10.

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