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14-03-401 AC

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The realm of Asmarat is a medieval fantasy world like no other, where mighty creatures and powerful beings live alike in a wonderful landscape of ever changing details. The world is defined by three main continents: Aya, Gaia and Cromia, all of which have their own histories and legends, myths and histories to be explored.   The entire world is situated over a large network of veins of an unknown energy, that were denominated Arcanium Fluxes, and the energy, Arcane Energy. This energy was first discovered when humans and elves explored a island during the Great Travels, and found a complex sections of caves, leading to a large saloon that was way bigger than it looked to be from people standing out of the cave. It was clearly a supernatural feat. Even more confusing, was the gigantic tree located in the center of the saloon. It was almost as bright as the sun, and its fruits were like small orbs of light.   Every person that consumed said fruit, went trough a change. Their bodies felt different, as if warm currents of energy passed through their veins. Later they would find that such energy enabled magic to be cast, something never seen before. The fruits were quickly monopolized and sold to most cities and colonies around Asmarat, giving magic abilities to roughly 35% of all beings.   However, few consumers were granted additional abilities by the fruit, that was connected to the Arcane Energy, enabling a whole new spectrum of powers and possibilities for the practitioner.   These past events carried on the create many more intrigue and conflict, leading to the current events of present Asmarat, where nations were formed and conquered, kingdoms were built and destroyed, gods rose and fell.   This is the realm of Asmarat. So tell us, are you ready to take part on it?