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Divine Inhibitors

Have you ever seen a god try to force itself into our world? It is quite a funny and terrifying sight. The only real-world thing I can relate it to is a toddler trying to fit itself through a tight space, and the entire environment just decides to go completely insane.
~Guide to The Gods of Asgoroth by Arch-Necromancer William Bracus


Whenever a divine being tries to physically manifest into the Mortal Realm, it feels an extremely, painful backlash for how much of itself it is trying to insert into the Mortal Realm. Them amount of pain and damage experienced by the divine can depend on a few factors. The amount of manifestation the divine is seeking, if the area that the divine is trying to manifest at is worshipping that divine, if there mortals actively trying to help the divine past through, if the divine has formed a Soul Bond with a mortal creating an Avatar of that divine, and if there are other gods and mortals trying to stop the divine from manifesting.

The amount of pain the divine can experience can be, at least, the equivalent to receiving a quick shock or touching something hot and pulling away to, at most, the divine becoming so frail and powerless that they go into a deep slumber for many centuries, even eons. This can leave the divine vulnerable and cause them to be killed and consumed by other gods.

Even if a divine manifests in the mortal realm, they come in a very weakened form, which is why most gods search for suitable Avatars before they attempt this to offset all the disadvantages they have in the Mortal Realm.

Metaphysical, Divine

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