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King and Queen Kvak

Known for their pivotal role in stopping the Year of Agony, an event caused by the Hand of the Twelve, the king and queen elect were then just humble adventurers. The Twelve were a group of mages that came from the East, and were reputed for starting the ravages of troubles six years ago. They were vicious, malignant men and women, some of whom were among the most powerful magic users in the land, and often incited the Kapoti into even more wild acts of violence. They worked for years alongside King Cassian in all manner of ill-rumored happenings, and tormented the people of Vartai and Ramus. Many considered them a scourge to all other magic users they encountered, often slaying them in unimaginably creative and hard-to-see ways. There were just as many rumors about them as there were confirmed kills. They were swiftly and brutally defeated by the current Kvak royalty. With them gone, and the King's council ostensibly weakened to a degree, at least for a while, the troubles faded, and the Kapoti fell back, until very recently.
  A great spell-caster in his own right, James Kvak is the king of the power couple. While most Kvak royalty do not necessarily marry, James very much loves Saria, and both were married before becoming royalty in the first place. Not much is known about him from before his time as an adventurer, but he is rumored to have hailed from the Farkas province. He is known to be a serious individual, who takes his role as protectorate and as a ruler very personally. He can often be found working toward the betterment of Kvak province, and works largely through the Adventuer's Guild, whose presence is largely felt in Uostas.
  Alongside her husband and their former party, Queen Saria is considered a great hero for her role in the defeat of the Hand of the Twelve, and renowned for her faith. Professing the Stranger's sacred rites, Saria is a Kvak-side queen of repute, and the power to back up any talk with action. She is active, always reaching out to the people, helping in times of need, and has, alongside her husband, earned her place within the Palace through hard work and dedication.

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