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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

  • Sukiyan- Speckled Fish in the Ancient mountain language of one of the first cat inhabitants, the bobcats
  • Durubi- Gemstone
  • Lawla- Common name
  • Marayth- Chrysanthemum 
  • Juzana- Common name
  • Marial- Uncommon name
  • Zabaznya- Snow Flower
  • Ruzalyn- Rosaline
  • Inbali- Another word for queen

Masculine names

  • Sihar- Burn
  • Kabahas- Bear
  • Karislith- Lightning
  • Zuum- Uncommon name
  • Siba sitan- Sebastian
  • Jil-muynshanaan- Uncommon name. Means “Jagged Finch.”
  • Barakhin- Uncommon name. Means “Barren Gold.”
  • Piiptakir- Music of the Tongue
  • Pastikah- A kind of flaxy, pale tan grain

Unisex names

  • Kazuwin- Common Diimkut name
  • Sufayr- Hyacinth
  • Zimotzimi- Little doe


Common Myths and Legends

Most of the cats follow the main folk religion, which has a pantheon of heroes, deities, and demigods.

  • Felis (or Mlk’Felis)- Main Hettuskott Deity. According to cat legend, she created the world, stars, moon, sun, and all the world’s inhabitants. She supposedly made the Diimkot cats first, then the rest of the creatures. She is usually depicted as a large, tan (very lion-like) cat, but this has not been confirmed.
  • Pantheras- Daughter of Felis, goddess of the sun. Depicted as a large golden furred leopard
  • Albar Mutu- Daughter of Felis, goddess of death. Depicted as a large black panther
  • Zitufa- Son of Felis, god of rain, storms, snow, blizzards. Depicted as a silver lynx
  • Jeemon- A Hettuskott deity. Jeemon was a demigod who lived only a little after Nidu and Mwemi united the many cat tribes into one, the Hettuskott. He was the son of the immortal Pantheras and the mortal leopard Mechu. He became something like a folk hero, defeating horrible monsters like the 14-headed Kufapu and performing impossible deeds, such as rescuing the Amber Cakra from the clutches of the dragon Chaiho Amir. But one day, his luck ran out, and he was struck down by an enemy of his, stabbed in the back with a knife at a friend’s engagement party. As he lay dying, Pantheras gathered him up and made his soul immortal, so he would live as a god forever.
  • Historical figures

    • Nidu- The first queen and co-founder of Romanus City. She and her wife, Mwemi, united the 13 big cat tribes (the other 27 are only included many years later) for the first time.
    • Pakttuar- The first leopard ruler of the Diimkut. He was the first ruler to invite the 27 small cat tribes to join the Diimkut tribe and live in the safety of Diimkut City
    • Inbali- the queen of the Diimkut during the war with Tacrimatten
    • Durubi- daughter of Inbali and current queen of the Diimkut. Absolutley hates the Lupulv


    Gender Ideals

    Females and males are legally equal, but the society skews more towards the matriarchal side. The females are physically larger, and tend to be the most powerful soldiers. The most powerful deity is the goddess Feli, a giant female golden cat, which probably skews their ideals of gender.

    Encompassed species

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