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Array of Cicadas

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A long line of colorful cicadas leads you to a town surrounded by forest and mountains. The people are for the most part dull and forgettable, but every once and awhile you spot a peculiar face that seems to have an interesting story to go with it.   Like that group of kids, you know the one, boy with the short black hair who always wears a beanie and the girl with bright red hair who seems to vanish into the shadows. Also their friend, the one you tried to ignore, she cussed you out for staring at the three of them. As you walk past the college you see a young girl posting missing persons posters around the campus, the picture of a mysterious girl, a girl with long black wavy hair contrasted by the bright red dye on the back of her head.   You walk over to the posters to get a better look. You see faces of missing people, a blind boy, a rich woman’s child, two orphans, and a son.   A young teenage boy follows a professor, they seem like their hiding something. The boy glances at a compass then taps the shoulder of the Professor. You watch the pair run off in quite a hurry.   You see a man reading a newspaper about a robbery at a local museum. You look closer to see the prime suspects are two teenagers, an unidentified girl with curly gray hair and a high school dropout.   A young girl with white hair walks down the street, you counted about twelve people following her, or perhaps guarding her. A well dressed woman with poofy black hair glares at the group from across the street then vanishes into an alley.   You begin to think you keep seeing something out of the corner of your eye. Like something is lurking in every shadow. You spin around frantically, trying to catch that mysterious figure, or to hear what those kids are really talking about, or perhaps you’re trying to tell if that sword was real.   You are quick to make your way to the bus station and purchase a ticket. You soon board your bus and take a seat. As the bus leaves the town, you begin to wonder what all is hiding in the town of Valewood. As you try to unravel its secrets in your mind, you begin to think this is about much more than a simple town in the mountains.   As the bus leaves the town, you’ve already forgotten all the mysteries of Valewood. However this may not be the last you see of the town, after all, you might always find another array of cicadas to lead you back.

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