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Dwarven Dust

What is your world's equivalent to tea or coffee?
An herbal infusion that the Dwarfs make from a mixture of a rare tree bark that can grown anywhere in the land, and the dust of a Crushed Dwarven Mineral stones  that turns to a base liquid when the powder is exposed to pressure. The Dwarfs first discovered the properties of the mineral stone while seeking for ways to alleviate bleeding while on their expeditions. Originally they just rubbed the powder on the wound and carried pouches of it when needed. They often noticed small patches of the dust near where the stones had fallen as thou a liquid had been present, but not sources where found nearby. it wasn't until bringing the mineral stone in question and a sampling of the dust, to the house of elves in the Kingdom of Somyardia, and paying a hefty summon of ancient texts discovered in their adventures. That the source of the liquid was discovered, how ever in it's unmixed form it would rapidly dry, so it couldn't be produced in large batches, and the container it was kept in had to be air tight until consumption. At it's base the liquid would make one slightly giddy when first ingested. Then ended with a deep restful sleep. This first type of Liquid Dubbed by the dwarfs as "Stone Fire" is favored by some over ale and mead.  

It wasn't until the discovery of a Goblin Tribal tree until the thought of mixing the two was invented. The tree is said to grow upon the graves of great goblin leaders long dead, and thus where considered holy. Most Tribes would burn the tree as a final farewell before fleeing ahead an approaching force. It was the Dwarf Explorer Mott who discovered ways of getting to the tree respectful to the tribe, before a sampling of the bark was ever recovered. The properties of the bark dulled the effect of the dust without altering it's healing properties and adding the shavings of the dark to the dust upon pressing resulted in a liquid that never dries, and if consumed reinvigorates tired muscles and sharpens the senses. Thought to increase longevity a whole industry was born around the harvesting of the materials and their processing. Thus the drink "Dwarven Dust" was born, and not an inn or tavern in the realm, doesn't have a dust press somewhere on the property, since the transporting of the dry materials was easier the the processed form. Taverns started adding their own spins on the traditional drink of the dwarfs resulting in almost an entirely different taste from tavern to tavern, and the secrets of the press are what make or break a tavern in a busy settlement or trade port.
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Consumable, Food / Drink
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