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Delaran Mark

A Delaran Mark is a rounded palm sized "coin" that is shaped like a slightly flattened egg. It is slightly warm to the touch and covered in illegible runes that seem to dance and move around when not directly looked at. The mark is issued by the Delaran traders guild to aid in the business of trade and banking. They come in 3 forms. The brass mark has a set value assigned to it when made and is often given as a one time payment or reward to non guild members. It will crumble away to nothing when fully spent. It is usually grey or dull brown in color and appears to be made of stone. The silver mark is given to to Junior guild members or trusted or high ranking associates and can be used repeatedly as long as there is a balance left on it. The value of the silver mark can be raised by visiting a guild or banking hall and adding funds to it (for a fee of course), or by making a transaction with another who holds a mark. It appears made of silver and has a slight glow to it when it has a funds on it. It will turn dull and loose its warmth when completely spent until charged with more funds. The gold marks are given to only high ranking guild members and the most trusted associates. It not only can be recharged like the silver mark, but also allows the user to borrow or take on debt from the guild that issued it. The gold mark appears to be bright gold, but otherwise acts like the silver mark. 2 people with marks may buy or sell from one another by making an agreement and touching the stones together. While touching the stones together the people making the trade must be thinking about the amount and shake hands. The brass mark can only be used this way to make a payment as its value can not go up. They were not meant for everyday use and are not used very often outside of large or frequent trades. They were originally created to discourage piracy as they were deemed worthless to those they were not attuned to. So that while pirates might make off with trade goods they would not get away with the payments as well. Because of this marks are known as stones among pirates of the area as they were as worthless as stones. Some savvy pirates have however come to realize that if they hold onto them then it increases the value of the ransom they can demand.

Mechanics & Inner Workings


Manufacturing process

Known only to the traders and bankers guild


A person holding one can be assumed to be someone of importance, especially if holding a silver or gold mark.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
1/4 pound
palm sized oval
Raw materials & Components
Clay, silver composite, gold composite.
Alchemists lab and a high level enchanter.


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