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584 A.A

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Areth is a huge continent, home to many different races, High and Dark Elves, Orcs, Goliaths, Humans, Gnomes, Lizardfolk and Dwarves. One race rules over all of them, The High Elves from Insora, the biggest country on the continent. But it wasn't always like this, Once the Dark Elves and High Elves lived in peace, and so did all the other Holds, but King Dorleth Olafir, ruler of The Dark Elves of Vekis, grew greedy and wanted more land and power. His best friend and at the time ally, King Arwen Loratris, ruler of the High Elves, felt betrayed by Dorleth, feeling that their friendship and peace between lands was more important than power. When Insora didn't give up land willingly, The Dark Elves went to war with every Hold, with some aid from the orcs, they believed that they could end the war quickly and start to take over the continent in a few years, but were sadly mistaken when every other hold came to aid Insora in the war. After 300 years of battle and lost lives, King Arwen created his weapon of mass discrustion, after decades of help from every adept mage and sorcerer in Insora and all of Areth, he created The Gauntlet of Areth, a weapon with the ability to destroy, and the ability to repair and heal. Only crippled by the users imagination and skill in Arcana, the Gauntlet of Areth is the most powerful weapon ever created. With tears in his eyes, King Arwen gathered a huge amount of dirt and rock from the ground, and hurled the meteor at the capital of Vekis, killing thousands in the process, and presumably King Dorleth. The only downside from using the gauntlet is the toll it takes on one's body. The more the user cast's and the more powerful the spell they use, the more damage The Gauntlet does to their body. After using the Gauntlet, King Arewn had ended the war between the Elves, and restored peace, but was bedridden for the rest of his life. 10 years after The War of The Elves, King Arwen Loratris died from complications of using the gauntlet, and left behind a single heir, Ellarian Loratris, who later became the Queen of Insora. Before passing away, Arwen and his wife, Eoywn hid the gauntlet away, knowing that it should never be used again, for it could be used to cause even more destruction than it already has. Now, in the modern age of Areth, Insora reigns supreme and holds the most power and influence over all the other countries. King Brammor of Malrahm, home of the Dwarves is aligned with the High Elves, transporting precious metals and gems to Insora and all the other holds. Chief Tarod VII of Nulgred, home of the orcs, aren't alligned with Insora anymore, after the shipments of Iron and other ores from Malrahm were lackluster, thus leading Queen Ellarian to cut them off from the supply chain, leaving the Orcs to raid and hijack ore ships and carriages to Bellgrove. The Lizardfolk of Green Marsh are mostly neutral, not aligning themselves with anyone, but having boats trade Whale Oil and Bones to other holds, in exchange for materials to help them hunt. The Gnomes of Fryndul are also neutral, not taking any sides, but also offer herbs and special plants that they grow in their green and lushes climate, with aid from The Tree of Venfi, a tree that's been alive since before recorded history in Areth. The Goliaths of Mount Vaimei also stay out of political disputes, staying far away from other people and not trading anything with anyone, living off the land and being mostly reclusive. The Twin Rulers, Garrick and Gwenn rule over Bellgrove, home of the humans. The Humans are affiliated with Insora, being the only nation not blocked by mountains or bodies of water, so they are most vulnerable from an attack from them. So they trade lumber with them, as Bellgrove has the most trees and sturdiest wood. They are also home to the only High Elf Embassy, a place where Human and High Elf affairs take place, and where a small army is stationed, and occasional patrol human cities. Finally, Vekis, home of the remaining Dark Elves is mostly abandoned, not having the choice of aligning themselves with anyone, they mostly keep to themselves and try to rebuild their civilization from the rubble. If ruling over all of Areth with an iron fist is called peace, then Areth has been in peace for over 500 years now, but trouble is brewing between nations, a war could start any time. Some countries may fall, while others might rise from the ashes.

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