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A vibrant and colorful city, Castellana is one of the jewels of the Braccian League. Similar to Dwarven culture, Castellans have countless holidays throughout the calendar year, and always seem to be celebrating. Because of this, as well as the vibrant colors, the city always feels alive and thriving.   An interesting aspect of the culture of Castellana is how they revere their deceased. They believe nobody is ever truly gone, and through the use of magic, their souls are able to, at least temporarily, reenter their bodies. For any and all holidays in Castellana, living, colorfully painted corpses of loved ones are seen all over the city. They are often out in the streets, joining the parties just as any of the other citizens in the revelries, or else at home, enjoying a quiet night with their families.   Most understand that the mages who actually perform the magic to allow the souls to reenter largely have control over the bodies during this time, but they believe these mage's actions are influenced by the will of the deceased.   Castellana is a haven for artists from all over Ardunor. You would be hard pressed to find a building or wall within Castellana that did not have some kind of artwork, or vibrant color painted onto it. New artwork appears all the time. Graffiti seems to be commonplace and generally accepted. Additionally, countless art museums are dotted throughout the city, always filled with new and exciting works of art.





Other Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dragonborn, Haflings, Gnomes



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