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Rule of Chaos - Arde

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Arde is the mortal realm of "Rule of Chaos" a 5E extension all about playin mighty demons. The world of Arde will go through 7 eras. Primeval, Ancient, Medieval, Rennaissance, Industrial Revolution (Steam Punk), Modern Age, Sci Fi (Cyber Punk).   In all these eras magic and demons are percieved differently and have a different influence on the world. We already developed the concepts of those eras including inhabitants, politics, relationship between science and magic, ...   For the following adventure and the Kickstarter we start with the medieval time, in which demons are percieved as evil due to the strong narrative of the curches. Nonetheless there are parts in this world, where the influence of the churches of heaven is not so strong.   The challenge for demon players is here to not blow their cover carelessly and unleash their force when the time is right.


What is are these Rules & the adventure "Ambergleam's Demise" about?

Rule of Chaos is not only an extension to 5E. But it flips the tables as you as players now venture the world as demons with fun new game mechanics to give you the feeling of being an eternal, mighty, demon. These playtesting rules enable playing the adventure "Ambergleam's Demise". The adventure and these rules should give you a first taste of what playing demons might look / feel like. However, it is a playtesting adventure and shows only some of RoC’s unique mechanics. Most of them will be refined and implemented with a successful Kickstarter (like a complete chaos card deck, character creation rules, spellcrafting system, arcane spellcasting for all classes, …).   This package features four ready to play demon characters to choose from. They are built with original RoC rules and are 3rd level characters.   The first part of this package shows a simplified version of the needed Rule of Chaos (RoC) core rules. The second part contains the adventure “Ambergleams’ Demise”.   Since RoC is a 5E expansion, knowledge of the 5E core rules is assumed. Those who already know the RoC core rules can skip the first part of this document. The simplified rules accurately reflect part of the standard RoC core rules. With these simplified rules you can go on this adventure and get an idea of what the special features of RoC are.  

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!Spoiler Alert!

By clicking the link you will be able to see the all the content in "Ambergleam's Demise".