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The Tea Fields of Yor

This area had tea growing natively. Overtime people cultivated it and the area was tamed into rows and rows of tea in fields. The Yor people were the first to settle and cultivate the area and so it became known as the Fields of Yor. Over time people learned what tea was and began drinking it as a beverage, not just as an herbal remedy. And it meant they called them the Tea Fields of Yor.  The Yor people are no longer the only ones who manage tea farms, they shared their knowledge with newcomers. And others came and brought new varieties of tea.


Rolling hills, with streams that have been channeled to water the tea bushes. There is a great view of the forests and plains East of @Fairdell.


There are a species of tea bees who love the flowers of the tea bushes. There is a group of bee keepers who have special apiaries where they gather tea honey and sell it to those nearby. Tourists love getting a tea and tea honey that compliment each other nicely.


Despite being hills at the foot of The Anvil Mountains the climate is quite temperate most of the year. Although the farmers who care for the tea tend to think the occasional frost is good for the flavour of the tea.

Fauna & Flora

Several native tea varieties have been found here. And several other tea varieties have been introduced.

Natural Resources

Tea Wood from nearby forests Sheep which are kept (with permission) in the tea fields to keep the area neat and provide fertilizer


It is said that herbalists used to journey here to gather tea leaves for their tinctures and poultices. They would have a big festival and work together, harvesting tea, sharing knowledge and preparing their remedies.


People now travel to see how tea grows and is prepared before it gets to their cup. It is a hot spot and many tea houses have tastings.  Herbalists still come to the big celebration but they can just buy the leaves they need if they have limited time. There are many farms which run specialty events just for trained herbalists to partake of.


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