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Archons Decisive Factor System

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Archons is a game where you play as a descendant of a deity, imbued with a shard of their power and influence. That may start off as only an inkling of greater things to come, but as you face challenges and push yourself beyond your limits, you'll grow into your destiny and gain the ability to shape the world with your actions.   The manual contains a setting with pantheon, classes, and creatures, but this is only the start of what you can experience. If you want, you can look through our listing of talents and spells to forge your own class. Or take it one step further and begin the game with each player taking the role of an archon to create the very world the rest of the campaign will be spent exploring.   The system itself is of medium complexity, enough to give you interesting gameplay and tactical options while still being streamlined to flow quickly and smoothly with no unnecessary complications.   If you want to know more, the links to the bottom left under World Codex contain everything you need to prepare you for your journey into the world of the archons.

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