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The year is 2221, humankind has colonised Mars, and the Moon, but the rise of Magic, brought on by ecological disaster dubbed the "Wave" has caused political turmoil and balkanised the planet. Countries have split into independent states, companies have grown powerful enough to be considered nations in their own right, and all of this is barely contained through a series of international organisations responsible for diplomacy between all of these states, which manage their own resources as well. These organisations don't have enough resources or materials to become states in their own right, but they each have a number of highly skilled agents that can act in various ways; some diplomatically, others... not so much. There are some mercenary agents called "Worldrunners", or Runners for short, freelancers able to side with whoever and do so for various reasons, money, political interests, altruism, and so on, exceptionally powerful individuals for a specific reason.   A hundred years from the cataclysmic event that shook the world (quite literally), the boundaries between this plane of reality and others have weakened, and because of that, a few select individuals have been able to harness great and terrible power. These individuals, are called 'Archons'.