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The Caretakers are a mysterious group of Lai users who have taken it upon themselves to protect a dead-end valley deep within the Dreadwood. At the far end of the valley is a hot spring, the water of which is said to possess healing properties.   While there is no formal structure within the Caretakers, it is one of the few groups where Tivs are not only allowed to participate, but also listened to and even respected. It's believed that the Caretakers were founded by a Tiv, though of those currently among their number, either none know, or will say.


Largely anarchistic, when a topic arises that is larger than what one or two can make a decision on, then a moot is called, drums and horns echoing through the valley and calling the Caretakers. These are fairly rare events, and after each person has their say a group vote is called, the decision held as sacred.


The culture of the Caretakers is centered around living in harmony with the land, caring for the flora and fauna of the valley. They are open to visitors, as long as those visitors respect nature, though poachers or loggers that venture into their area are either chased off quickly, or are never heard from again.   While having a great respect for nature, they still have as much of a sense of community and needs of others. Nights within their camps often find revelry around bonfires, music and drums playing out a rhythm for dancers, while days find the individuals dispersed through the area, foraging, hunting and even small-scale cultivating. As long as the land is respected, the Caretakers as a whole are among the most carefree groups, with little that is taboo.

Public Agenda

The Caretakers don't participate much in the public arena. While they endorse anyone attempting to live a hormonious life with Arcadia, they tend to keep to themselves and let the outside world deal with it's own problems.


Aside from the valley itself, the Caretakers lay claim to very little. Occasionally a caravan will leave the valley and head to nearby villages or even all the way to Avalon, bringing with them rare furs and plants from the valley to trade for something that is needed.

The valley remains free.

Religious, Cult

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Teams of turtles pulling barges... villages that appear and disappear overnight... check out the: Redflow River
12 Aug, 2022 13:38

Great article! I like that you took a very generalized approach to "natural phenomenon"... all of nature seems to be the focus of this group! I do have a few questions: What is "Lai" (as in "Lai users")? Is it your magic? Is it a drug? (The latter is a real possibility in my mind because your description of this culture is very close to the Hippie Culture of the 60s (which I am somewhat familiar with!)   Great work!

Teams of turtles pulling barges... villages that appear and disappear overnight... check out the: Redflow River