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Tales of the hounds of the Augurweald are known throughout the Concord, as part of everything from children's tales to the horror stories of veteran soldiers and huntsmen. They are depicted as everything from simple, but savage wolves, to uncannily intelligent creatures capable of outsmarting the most seasoned woodlander. Some go so far as to accuse the hounds of even using magic at times, though these are often laughed off as hysteria or superstition. In return, these people point to the strange markings covering the hounds bodies as evidence of magical influence.  

Large, intelligent, and deeply connected to primal magic forces, there is truth to all of these stories. Wealdhounds are possessed not only of a sentient intelligence, but also the ability to communicate telepathically. Whatever magic is possessed by a Wealdhound seems to vary greatly in power and versatility on a case by case basis. It is possible that a hound's magic is dictated by the markings on its fur, and would explain why older ones often appear to be more adept in its usage. Accounts range from manifestations such as small illusions and minor telekinesis, to manipulation of the forest around them or summoning of other woodland creatures.


It is highly probable that many a traveler who strayed into the Augurweald and returned speaking of "voices in the trees" had simply been spoken to by a Wealdhound telepathically. It is a gift that is a large reason for the success of pairings between hounds and their preferred humanoid; partnerships between Wealdhounds and the people of the Augurweald, particularly the halflings and goblins dwelling within, are near legendary. The image of the sudden appearance of a group of Smallfolk astride the massive hounds, sending a well-organized military excursion into chaos with bow and spear, spell and fang, is the stuff of many a Concordian veteran's nightmares. Those bonded with a Wealdhound have unparalleled communication, fighting almost as a single being in combat.


Though evidence exists of Wealdhounds bonding with all types of the various denizens of the Augurweald, they seem to have a deference towards the Smallfolk of the region. It is not uncommon to see roving bands of halflings and goblins, each accompanied by a partnered Wealdhound. The hounds serve as esteemed partners in everything, from hunting to combat, and allow their riders to navigate the dense woods with preternatural ease.

Basic Information


Wealdhounds are comparable in size and shape to a large wolf, with their distinctly different feature being their coats. Though not unnaturally colored, the colors of their fur do tend to be much more vibrant than most, running anywhere from bright auburns to deep blacks. More notable is their patterning: as they mature, Wealdhounds begin to grow unique, connected patterns in their coats, from swirling lines to rigid ones. Some say it is a lost language of the land, woven into their very being, and that is this that gives them their gifts.

Biological Cycle

Wealdhounds age similarly to any other wild dog, except for two important distinctions. They live to be much older than other species, with average lifespan being around 30-40 years. Second, as they age, the patterns on their coats grow more ornate and gradually cover more of their body. An old wealdhound's fur is a tapestry of stunningly beautiful designs, a testament to its life and connection to the Weald.

Additional Information


Domestication is not the proper term for Wealdhounds that dwell with or around the societies of the Augurweald. It is best defined as a partnership, with the hound willingly forming a mental connection with its humanoid partner.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Wealdhounds are native to the Augurweald and rarely seen outside of it. They have been reports of similar creatures in and beyond the Frostcrown mountains, as well as the deserts of the Sultanates, but these are inconclusive.
Common Wolf
30-40 Years
Average Height
4-5 ft.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Wealdhounds commonly have auburn, black, gray, or deep brown pelts, with their markings usually contrasting highly in color. There have been rare sightings of the occasional moss-colored pelt.

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