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Rules of Magic

Rules of Magic (Keep it predictable)   Limitations: Magic can only be used by those in possession of a soul stone. These can be forged into a weapon, sewn into garments, or simply held aloft. The effects of magic are limited by a characters understanding of the physical world around around them, as well as the amount of energy held within a given soul stone. It is common for certain styles of magic use to develop in different regions, or among people following different religions. It is also common for states to create special organizations prone to hording secrets. The maximum energy is determined by a stones size. The efficiency or effectiveness of said magic is determined by a stones purity.   Weaknesses: Soul stones, wherever they may be, can be stolen, or individuals can be disarmed. Soul stones also hold a limited amount of energy within them. Filling soul stones with energy requires physical contact with either an element or a living creature. Soldiers can remove soul stones from a blade and place them within the embers of a fire where they will naturally recharge. Due to the convenience and broad appeal of this method, generals must prepare for surprise attacks at this critical moment. Successful generals will plan for the expenditure of magical energy, and in turn plan for magical users to spend their energy in shifts if necessary. The minerals used in the formation of soul stones are not rare, but neither are they terribly common. Even less common is the existence of an individual skilled in purifying them.   Costs: Souls stones will attempt to leech energy from their surroundings if one attempts to spend energy beyond what is contained within. However, If one uses a sword to slay an opponent, the life energy of said opponent can replace, or even exceed, the amount of energy spent. Similarly, if anyone holding a soul stone can physically touch their target they can be drained. If an adequate amount of energy cannot be consumed through contact with an element of equal or greater energy, the soul stone will instead drain energy from the user. If the user is skilled in diverting this, a secondary source can instead suffer these effects. Few individuals possess such an understanding on this continent.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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