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Dragoncrest Tavern

Dragoncrest Tavern is a cozy little bar just south of The Dragoncrest Mountainrange. Its main appeal is the shelter it gives from the harsh wintery weather outside, and the cozy atmosphere it creates. Many visits the tavern before going hiking up the mountians and as such they can give accomodation, and climbing gear for the adventurous type. The tavern is kept by a young human couple, Gerald White and Sophia Snow, whose dilligent work has kept the tavern on the must travel list for many tourists.  


  The tavern began its life as a getaway hut for Theoran and Isabella White, whose dreams of traveling the world had led them north-west in Anthilla, when the mountains were only called The Crest. They used the wood from the then green and flourishing forest, making it a cozy little hut where they and their family could stay when they felt the stresses of life got to them. The way they made it with a mossy roof and barky wooden work, it almost looked as if nature itself had grown the hut.   When Theoran and Isabella had grown too old to take care of the hut, they passed it on to their children, who again passed it down further. The life of the hut took a drastic change five generations later, when the weather suddenly changed, becoming drastically colder, and the hut was concidered too drafty to be habitable. The then owner of the hut, Mona White, got to renovate the hut into the tavern we know today. It took a lot of work, and as some of the walls had to be raized anyways, she decided to enlarge the estate, making room for more guests and guest rooms. She introduced isolation, sealed wiindows with glass, and strengthened the wood to be able to withstand the cold.    The name she took from a recent rumor certain mountainclimbers had bestowed upon her. A dragon with silvery scales had been spotted flying above the mountain ranges. Being the businesswoman she was, she took the name Dragoncrest Tavern as a foolproof tourist attraction. And to make everything better, the mountainrange soon copied the tavern and became the Dragoncrest Mountainrange.   The now owner, Gerald White, is the great grandson of Mona White. His parents, Marlin and Leona WHite, left him the estate at a young age after they succumbed to a couple of tragic "accidents". He fell in love with Sophia Snow after he saved her from an avalanche when they were 16. Since then, they have been inseperable. They keep the tavern alive and well, and they do everything together, should it be good, or evil.  

The building

  The building itself has two stories. The 1st floor contains the bar and tables. The tavern can serve up to 50 guests at once, and have imported wares from all over Anthilla. From the most watered down beer, to the finest wines of Destoria, the bar has just about all you could wish for. The bar itself serves a double purpose as serving station for food and drinks, as well as reception for the accomodating part of the estate. The second floor contains six bedrooms. Five for guests, and one for the staff. The beds are described as heavenly by most, though one room in particular has been said to feel eerie. Every room has its own theme. 
  • Room 21 has a romance theme, and has a double bed with windows in pink-shaded stained glass, a couple of heart shaped oil lamps and a smell that's similar to cherries. 
  • Room 22 has a more sporty theme, and is meant for those coming to climb the harshest of the mountains. With its soft white walls, and minimalistic interior, it prepares you for the rough trip you're about to experience, but will keep you warm. It's a single bed bedroom and is meant to feel isolating.
  • Room 23 is the room with an eerie feel. It has a double bed, with a more rustic interior. The room itself seems outdated by some years compared to the other rooms, which gives it a unique style. It's the only room with a carpet that covers the whole room, having the color of an uneven red. Its oil lamps looks as if they have seen some years of use and should have been replaced long ago.
  • Room 24 has a memorical feel. It's modeled after the hut that the tavern once was, though it has been modernized in some ways. Its oil lamps are spotless, windows have modern glass structure, and it's properly insulated.
  • Room 25 is the cream of the crop. It has a luxurious feel with a giant window looking out over the most beautiful view you'll ever see. It is perfectly aligned so the sunset glistens in the snow right outside the window. It has its own fireplace, activated by a switch, which again activates some kind of magic mechanism to light the fire.
  • Room 26, the staff room, is the one least known about. Since the new owners took over, noone has ever been allowed inside it.


  As is unfortunately so common, curtain rumors start spreading around about taverns, and Dragoncrest Tavern is no exception. Some minor rumors about poor hygienic standards were spread at some point, but were quickly dealt with by upping the standard and showing the guests what they could truly do. There is however some bigger meaner rumors. The rumors consist mainly of two items, the eerie room 23, and the mysterious death of Marlin and Leona. The worst claim came from a dwarf who stayed in room 23 with his wife. The wife was out for a little walk when he started hearing whispers. A lot of the whispers were unintelligable, but the once he could decipher included "He's still here," "Help us," and "He betrayed us." The whispers then became screams after which he saw the bed pooled up with blood, apparently originating from just under the cover of the blanket, before suddenly disappearing as fast as it had appeared. Noone since have ever had such an extreme experience, but lots of visitors have had a feeling of dread while staying in the room alone at night.   The mysterious death of Marlin and Leona was a case of no bodies to be found. The explanation was that they went up into the mountain without the proper precautions, never to return. Under the investigation of the incident, there were found that no mountain climbing equipment were missing, and little to no food had been taken with them. Why they went out into the mountains they know so well without any climbing equipment, food or rations, were never properly explained and was noted as sudden insanity or a mysterious condition which suddenly showed symptoms, though they were never found.

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