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A foreign planet, much like our in many ways, different, in more. Animoterra's locals are the things of dreams, and nightmares. Creatures big, from the hundred-plus foot long sea creatures, to the small arial creatures of the tundra. Of course, like any adventure, you can either dive into the ecosystems within headfirst, unknowing to the dangers within, or you can study the locations intently, either way, something new will be discovered every time we adventure deeper into the planets habitats. From the Crystal Sands, and their blinding effects, or the Subautem overhangs, and their nonsense similar to the Alice in Wonderland stories. It doesn't matter where you are, you are sure to find something amazing. Remember, always remember, that no matter where you go, the Guardians can find you if you've wronged them, so stay on their nice side. Now, like i said, adventure deeper in your preferred manner, and be careful out there. You never know what could be around the bend.