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The Urlynwagh

The Urlynwagh is the heart of the Anielian empire, both geographically and culturally. It is a place where history and deep past, saturated in tradition and art, meets modern day politics. The Representatives meet in the “Urlynwagh,” “Urlyn” in the Dwarvish language meaning “People” and “Wagh” meaning “House,” though it eventually also came to mean “The Cone” for that is what the building is: A tall cone with walls slanting smoothly down to the base which was about 70 Dwarf lengths long, covered in paintings, history, and patterns. There the representatives gather for the first half of the year, until the end of summer when it is prepared for the Elders who arrive in the last month for their workings of affairs.   Unknown to most, in the process of inhabiting of the Anielian caves over the centuries, a maze of intricate chimneys were cut and chiseled throughout the entire city. In the center of the mountain the giant shaft runs from above the Urlynwagh and branches off into smaller tunnels that lead to different sections of the city. These shafts continue to break off into sub shafts until they reach the cavern levels and lead into each household and building.
Alternative Names
"The Cone"
Room, Natural, Cavern

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