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Welcome to the land of Ang-Ool-Oh! Translated as "The Head Lands" or "Head Prime" is an ancient and erratic land filled with various islands, tropical jungles, temperate grasslands, dangerous deserts, grizzled mountains, and capricious volcanoes. It's a continent said to form from the remains of the Ocean Giant, Boht-Ohl. Over time, the Giant and the Land became one, with Boht-Ohl's remains becoming part of Ang-Ool-Oh.   Eventually, in the wildlands and volcanic landscapes of the continent came creatures of sentience, beings that arose from animals and plants who stood on two legs, allowing them to use their hands to change the land around them. The first to rise was the Light Reachers, the Elves, then the Cave Folk, the Dwarves, and then finally the Wildborns, the Humans. Out of these three came more creatures of sentiences, such as Gnomes, Goblins, and Orcs who are off-shoots of the first three races. In the more extreme environments or very isolated areas of the continent lives even further off-shoots such as the Riderless, the Infernals, the Long-Tongues, the Feathered, the Reefborn, and the Halflings.   Within these lands are stories of ambition, discovery, romance, comraderie, and danger. Deep within the land are ancient ruins built by extinct civilizations and above those ruins are the prosperous and diverse cities and towns filled with long histories and old families. On the roads and sea ways that connect these various kingdoms and states hold travelers, sharing and brining new wonders to the world as they adventure across the continent, searching for who knows what. Ang-Ool-Oh is a place of wonder and awe where the people can build and destroy it, unknowingly following the ancient rhythm that has been dictating this world since its conception.