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Shepskerian are a hybrid of a German Shepard and a Siberian Husky. German Shepard were mostly used for protection and service animals, while Huskies were for travelling and for guarding their owners. Shepskerians are used to transport things for their owners, but are mostly used to protect. People who have Shepskerians are meant to be respected, for getting on their bad side will cause massive damage.   Shepskerians are slim like a German Shepard, but furry like a Husky. When temperatures are hot, their fur is thin, and their fur is white, but when it drops to cold temperatures, their fur is thick and brown. In cold temperatures, they tend to be more active and more on guard when it's more colder, due to the owners not being able to withstand the cold like they can.   Their senses have been heightened, so they're more able to hear and see things as well as pick up scents within five seconds. They can hear things up to 200-300 feet away. Their sight is enhanced as well, being able to see across two football fields, so they are able to see their owner and hear their owner coming from two blocks away.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

As a puppy, Shepskerians are 10-15 inches tall, but as a full grown dog, their height gets up to about 30 inches in height, and weight between 35-60 pounds. Dogs barely had developed much on Earth, so their life expectancy isn't changed significantly, however they do live longer between 18-25 years of age. At a full grown dog, they tend to look more like a wolf, but have traits of a normal dog.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their Hearing, Sights, and Smell are incredibly enhanced, making them perfect protectors for those who are in danger. Their ability to guide their objectives to safety are 95 percent successful.
Scientific Name
Canis Lupus Familiaris
Siberian Husky and German Shepard

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