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Yuntea Delfta

Played by Kiwi

Yuntea Delfta (a.k.a. glacialReplica)

[/container] Yuntea doesn’t have a real personality because she doesn’t feel any emotion. However, she simulates one for herself based on what she observes from humanity and what she knew about herself while she was alive. She acts kind caring and extremely peppy towards others. She isn’t always the best at it and sometimes she reacts to situations incorrectly but she tries. Sometimes she’ll forget too and just act monotone a lot of the times around Sestle. When she was alive she was kind and very caring but she wasn’t all that peppy. In fact, she was more reserved and had only a few friends. She was also extremely parental and she wanted to work with the mother grub.
Extra bits:
now in robot form a lot of her emotions and her actions are compleatly different from what they were when she was alive. She remembers her experiences but doesn't know how to replicate what she felt then since she can't feel it. When she was alive she loved children so her attemts as a robot are to always be caring and kind twords children and to her best to instruct.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She is a sort of tall troll with robotic apendeges. She is slender and has bolts connecting her joints She will also sometimes wear cat ears with the maid outfit and she always wears the maid outfit.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yuntea grew up with her Lusus always begging to be taken to the caverns to see the grubs. She loved those little piles of flesh and always wanted to take care of them. When she was younger she wasn’t always the best at taking care of them and they would often scream at her and scratch at her face. The older Jadebloods thought she was adorable and took her under their wing. As she grew up she got better and better at tending to the mother grub and she was convinced she would be doing this for the rest of her life. She had one or two Jadeblood friends and she was content with them until she met someone else while shopping. She met a troll named Wekyna and they immediately became close. Wekyna was a robotics scientist and loved robots and the metallic artificial side of life but somehow the two of them clicked. Soon after they became matesprits and they were so happy to be together. After two years of being in a happy relationship, Yuntea had an accident in the caverns. She died there and Wekyna was devastated. She stole Yuntea’s body from the morgue and began to create a robot of her likeness. She made the skeleton of a robot and got Yuntea’s memories transferred before dying. Yuntea was lost in the forest for a long time before Seslte fixed her up. She remembered everything but she couldn’t feel emotions so Sestle set out to find a way to give her feeling again. Now she works as his maid essentially and tries to keep him healthy while he looks for a way to give her emotions again.


Yuntea is a maid at Sestles library

Accomplishments & Achievements

Yuntea has a photographic memory since she is a robot. She is also a skilled maid and is very good at keeping things looking pretty.

Personality Characteristics


She wants to be able to feel again so she can respond to all of her memories.

Likes & Dislikes

the maid dress, grubs, cleaning, tasks that a lot of people find mundane, bugs, reading, knowledge, Sesltle’s Lusus.
being a robot, death, Sestle overworking himself, feeling nothing, not being able to respond to her memories properly
55.38 sweeps 120 years (However her appearance is around 21)
➠Sexual orientation
Jade (She is a robot though so it is just the color of her circuit juice)
Viries sign of the mother
➠Typing Quirk
she uses no punctuation and capitalizes nothing to signify no emotion. She makes maid puns. Maid instead of made dust instead of just ect. Also likes to do ^^ as cat ears because she has seen catgirl maids
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog^^
She doesn’t have a Lusus anymore but when she did it was a praying mantis about the size of a coffee table.
➠Original Planet
Seer of Time


In Person



Character Portrait image: by Kiwi


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