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Winkie Shijuu

Played by Kiki

Winkie Shijuu (a.k.a. insomniacLepitoptera)

[/container] winkie has nearly no short term memory. they're very quiet.. very friendly, though.
if you walk into one of their traps out in the beyond, the likelihood of you getting freed is almost 80%. unless they just want to talk.. then you might never get out of there
but their glowing eyes and wings seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, for most travellers out in the beyond. the chronic lack of sleep has ruined any past memories they once had, and they're reliant on what little they can grab onto now. which is very easily manipulated, if you're cruel enough to try...

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

a very raggedy two-tailed troll with big, amaranth-colored eyes, and horns that resemble antennae. they're not too tall, at about 5'7, and their wings are just enough to let them fly around comfortably. their wings and eyes glow in the dark, and they sometimes act as a beacon for lost travellers/adventurers. their hair is unkempt, and their eyes never blink. they're also extremely pale and underweight, and the bags under their eyes are very prominent

Mental characteristics

Personal history

winkie .. can't remember... winkie doesn't know. winkie should have been dead years ago. winkie hasn't slept in so long. the most winkie gets is a couple of seconds of non-REM sleep. what day was it again?
it was probably wednesday. was it?
who knows.
did i mention winkie should have been dead? winkie hasn't slept in a while... oh , did winkie say that again? (winkie was just a grub when they were diagnosed with a genetic form of fatal insomnia, due to a gene deletion that caused a malformed version of what would be the hypothalamus in humans. however, due to their unusually extended lifespan caused by their blood, it was not fatal.
this has caused certain parts of their brain to be slowly eaten away, controlling memory, sight, sleep, hunger, and feeling.
a troll took them out into the beyond to try and put them out of their misery, but unfortunately, in a cruel twist of fate, the troll ended up getting killed instead by a stray lusus.
this caused winkie to have to fend for themselves, whilst dealing with neurological issues, a lack of vision, and the Alternian sun. luckily, they managed to survive this long through what seems to be pure luck.
or possibly immortality. winkie doesn't know. winkie doesn't want to find out. winkie wants a nap)


traveller, guardian angel

Accomplishments & Achievements

extended lifespan, flight. however, can't really remember how to fly. sometimes it comes to them in a moment of lucidity, but for the most part... winkie stays on the ground, travelling and creating new huts that tend to get adopted by stray trolls that have gotten lost out in the beyond.

Personality Characteristics



Likes & Dislikes

winkie thinks they like the taste of mangoes. winkie remembers tasting those out when a human got lost and offered them a mango, winkie thinks. winkie likes meeting trolls and humans that have travelled too far from the city. winkie likes meeting new friends. winkie likes animals. winkie likes the contraption they've found that lets them know when to go inside, so that they don't get burned by the sun...
winkie doesn't like mean people. winkie doesn't like false memories. winkie doesn't like not knowing if they're false memories. winkie doesn't like it when visitors go to sleep.
unknown, over 100 sweeps minimum
➠Sexual orientation
Mutant - amaranth - a step between fuschia and rust
➠Typing Quirk
winkie talks in third person... winkie talks in all lowercase... winkie is bold... winkie uses ellipses instead of periods...
N/A. mutant. was temporarily taken care of by a jadeblood instead
➠Original Planet


In Person




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