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Vivine Aivara

Played by Link

Vivine Aivara (a.k.a. xanthousEcho)

Vivine is a blind troll whose true sight lies in her ability to read people's subdued emotions. She is an intelligent, peaceful mediator who, while often carelessly quick to trust, is great at reading people and making strong decisions. While reading people's emotions is her strong suit, she puts too much faith in those around her, which makes her an easy target for those who wish to manipulate her. She finds it difficult to meet new people - the initial barrier between herself and other trolls usually wrought with one-sided distrust as she inadvertently pries into the psyche of those she meets - but once this barrier is dissolved she is a pleasant person to talk to and a good friend to have. Vivine is curious and loves experiencing new things, taking a particular liking to music after losing her sight.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Vivine is short (4'11") with a petite frame. Her bouncy, black hair falls over her eyes and ends at her cheeks, falling down to her shoulders around the back of her head. She has two pairs of long, straight horns that point diagonally down from her face // like this \\ . Though her eyes are usually covered by her hair, she keeps them open, and those who get a chance to look behind her fringe would see her scarred eyes, glossed over with white-and-silver cataracts. She wears loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, with baggy sleeves and a long hood that she usually leaves down.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While Vivine is blind now, this was not always the case. In fact, her sight used to be her strongest asset, granting her the ability to peer into planes beyond with her vision ∞fold. Every day, she used her gift to stare beyond what she was allowed to see, boundless curiosity driving her to see what no other troll had seen before. However, one such visual incursion had her staring into somewhere she didn't belong. She does not like to discuss what she witnessed that day; but one thing is abundantly clear - she stared into the void, and the void stared back. Since then, Vivine has been completely blind, her eyes scarred and snowed over with gossamer cataracts. Having lost her sight, much of her curiosity about the great beyond has dwindled, with her intrinsic gift having been stripped away from her. Now, she lacks psionic power of any description, shackled to her maimed physical form. Instead, she uses her more orthodox advantages to help others where she can, lending her wisdom to friends and acquaintances alike, in hopes of making a positive difference with what she has left.


Vivine used to work as a music critic for a small publication. Nowadays, she is unemployed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Vivine has good hearing, and can pick up on distant and quiet sounds easier than most. She is quite wise and can usually tell when someone is hiding pain from the tone of their voice alone.

Morality & Philosophy

Within every living being exists an unseen aptitude; one that cannot be quantified until entirely realized, but one that lingers and lures, driving life and emerging light from darkness.
This force is, of course, potential! The potential to accomplish, the potential to grow, the potential to be. Some have more potential than others, some have less. But within everyone lies at least some potential.
Everyone, except Vivine.
Once a dashing rogue, blessed with the boon of vision ∞fold, Vivine was a beacon of potential. She loved to learn, lived to grow, peering beyond the folds of reality into long-concealed, cosmic tombs, learning more and more, realising her infinite potential, staring wherever she wanted, learning whatever she could, until-
She stared at something darker.
Something that stared back.
Something that didn't want to be stared at.
Vivine has been blind since that day. Her infinite potential was erased in an instant, leaving her an unseeing husk of the girl she once was. Now, Vivine is resigned to a more dismal truth: she has no potential, and will never have a purpose. This much is clear. how couldn't it be?
But within every living being exists an unseen aptitude, no? One that cannot be quantified until entirely realised, but one that lingers and lures, driving life and emerging light from darkness-
But that's just it, isn't it?
There is no light in Vivine's darkness. She lost her sight, her gift, and is now forever condemned to that will-shattering midnight eclipse.
Potential exists within every living being.
But Vivine died with her vision. She witnessed the end of infinity, and it became her.
Now, she is nothing.
At least, according to her.
Vivine senses the potential that dwells in others. She thrives on it, yearns for it to be accomplished; there is nothing more grim than extinguished potential, (Vivine knows this first-hand,) and, though she herself will never accomplish anything, she lives to fan the flames within those around her, to open the door to their purpose, and to allow them to realise their potential.
Vivine loves helping other people whatever way she can; she's a great listener and mediator, and offers sound advice when it is requested of her. Though her physical usefulness is limited by her lack of vision, she will do anything she can to help those around her reach their potential. Being incredibly insightful, Vivine is quick to pick up on the subdued emotions and motivations of those around her. She enjoys picking people apart, learning what potential lies within them, and graciously complies with any offer that could allow those around her to reach their potential.
This has lead to her being hurt more often than not. She knows that. She doesn't care. Her health is secondary to those with potential. After all, what good could come from her existence but to give others a reason to be more than her? To consider her own needs and desires would be irrational, for she will never accomplish anything herself.
Of course, she's sorely mistaken about all this.
Vivine is caring, compassionate, intelligent and creative. She loves music and fiction, and has friends (a friend) whom she cares deeply about. She has plenty of potential, however unrealised, but to be scarred as badly as her is to crumble in on oneself. Vivine genuinely believes she is worthless, and is okay with this. She had her chance, and she squandered it. She doesn't realise that she still has a chance to be something. How could she, when she had so much before? It doesn't help that she's intelligent enough to be irritably stubborn. Whatever potential she has is forever wasted on her mangled philosophy.
Oh well. At least it's no one important.

Personality Characteristics


To discover the best music in the world. To make a positive change to society. She would like to someday regain her vision, but doesn't think that is a good idea.

Likes & Dislikes

Music, puns, helping people, learning new things, new experiences
Unpleasant noises, getting into arguments, violence, silence
9 Sweeps (20 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Has no "i"s and cannot "c". Surrounds her messages with // her horns \\ and occasionally emotes. Puts spaces before and after punctuation.
"// the quxkk brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ! \\ xwx"
A winged, hag-like half-bat half-humanoid creature, with a beautiful singing voice that causes those that hear it to forget how horrific and dangerous she is.
➠Original Planet
Maid of Mind


In Person




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