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Theatre 1} Sertas and Kaijin

Sertas played by Jiro, Kaijin played by Deku
Sertas walked into the theatre, waiting for Kaijin. One of his eyes was, for once, not hidden by his hair. The bright green of his eye seemed to be a bit brighter in the yellow-tinted lights of the movie theatre. He mostly just. Stood around, waiting for Kaijin :33[/container]
Kaijin walked up to the glass double doors of the theatre, his heart pounding and his dark eyes scanning the place for Sertas. Once he saw him, the butterflies in his stomach increased by far. Summoning all his courage, he walked into the slightly sub-par, comparatively run-down looking building.
A smile crept its way onto Sertas' face when he saw Kaijin walk in. He fixed his hair a bit, fucking nerd, and walked over to Kaijin. "suuup, duuude. it's been aaa wwwhile. except it haaasnt. howwwve youuu beeen since wwwe laaast saaawww eaaachother"[/container]
Kaijin smiled shyly. He didn't really know what to say... So he said what he was thinking. "Overthinking absolutely everything. You?"
Sertas smiled even more, it seemed involuntary. "shit maaan, i haaavent beeeeeen uuup to aaas muuuch interesting stuuuff aaas youuu" he joked, laughing a bit. "i've beeeeeen aaannoying the shit ouuut of people. aaas uuusuuuaaal."[/container]
Kaijin relaxed a bit. Too much, he realized, when the words seemed to fall out of his mouth in a VERY uncool tone. "You look nice." He murmured under his breath, just loud enough for Sertas to hear.
"youuu look nice aaas wwwell." he paused "wwwe shouuuld probaaably go like, in the movie nowww, yknowww." sertas said, nervously putting his hands in his pockets.[/container]
"I'll get tickets, unless you got one for yourself already. What movie did you wanna see?" Kaijin sighed, remembering that his lusus put him on a budget. Whenever he goes over, Ripper barks at him for hours on end. Luckily, he made an exception for the two tickets Kaijin needed.
"i wwwonder if wwwe caaan get into fifty shaaades of grey. i'd be suuurprised of wwwe caaan, to be honest. thouuugh, i do seem kinda old, being this fuuucking taall. shit maaan wwwhy aaam i so taaall"[/container]
Blushing dark crimson, Kaijin protested, "What?? That movie is rated 9+! I wouldn't even wanna watch it anyway. Blech. What about Jumanji?"
"this is wwwhy youuure the dipshit, i wwwaaas joking. juuumaaanji souuunds good." sertas slightly laughed at kaijin. but in the nice way? i dunno lol.[/container]
Kaijin didn't even bother trying to hide the blush that was so evidently there. He'd hoped that Sertas would notice him trying to act more like his own blood color just for him. But unfortunately, he just... Didn't seem to notice. Since lying around Sertas was pointless, Kaijin wanted to go out of his way to look his best, even if that meant not lying. This WAS his first date after all.
"Hey, um... Before I get the tickets..... Did you notice?" He wanted to see if Sertas had taken note of his efforts.
"if youuure taaalking aaabouuut howww youuu don't look like aaa wwwaaannaaabe muuutaaantblood, then yes, i haaave. i like youuur haaairclips, by the wwwaaay. they suuuuuit youuu."[/container]
"Thank you... I thought you would like me better like this, so I... Kinda bought a lot of stuff like this..." He felt extremely embarrassed, tipping his hand like this. Feeling a little déjà vu, Kaijin made his way to the bored-looking human selling the tickets, out of earshot of Sertas.
Sertas walked with Kaijin, smiling a bit. "i'd like youuu no maaatter wwwhaaat wwwaaay youu dressed todaaay, dipshit. wwwhy wwwouuuldnt i? youuure aaabsoluuutely stuuunning." sertas make up your mind do you like him or hate him. it seems like, well, like. but you also fucking call him stuff like dipshit and dumbass. why do you make shit so hard for yourself :unamused:[/container]
Kaijin pretended to ignore the comment, but his facial expression told otherwise as he paid for their tickets. The human at the counter rolled their eyes and muttered something about troll kids, but handed Kaijin the tickets anyway. He said a quick "thank you" and then headed off to a large hallway, with red LED signs marking doors to different movies of vastly different planet origins, genres and ratings. The walls were garishly decorated with cartoon characters and famous movie stars.
Sertas followed quickly behind, walking next to Kaijin down the hall. When the two reached their theatre room thing sbkbckbk Sertas opened the door for the rustblood. "aaafter youuu" he said, a faint smile stuck on his face. UGH Sertas you fucking DORK WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?[/container]
He did a mock-curtsy with his fashionably ripped shirt, stumbling a bit because of the upward-slanted floor but keeping his balance. Walking through the held-open door, Kaijin commented, "What a gentleman. Where are we sitting? I don't usually have a preference, but no one is in here but us, sooooo..."
Sertas walked after him, slightly laughing at Kaijin's little stumble. "I don't reaaally haaave aaa preference either." he looked around for a second or two. "howww aaabouuut, aaas i caaall it, the middle-middle." the 'middle-middle' referring to the middle-most seats. god Sertas you could've just said the middle[/container]
Kaijin walked over to the aforementioned "middle-middle" and motioned for Sertas to come sit down with him. This was a movie theater mostly visited by humans, so the previews were short. He messed around with the pull-down seat, listening to the creaking noise it made to distract himself from the fact that the floor was sticky. Suspiciously sticky. Ew.
Sertas sat next to Kaijin. Ugh the floor is suspiciously sticky. He just watched Kaijin play with the seat, finding it somewhat entertaining. he finds a lot of stupid stuff entertaining. like videos of bread falling over.[/container]
Soon enough, the previews ended, and the movie started with 2 humans, roughly the same age as Kaijin and Sertas, digging some sort of hole to get rid of some sort of thing in a box. They were dressed ridiculously. Kaijin wondered what was in that weird iron box, and why they were afraid of it. Oh well, guess he'd find out later.
Lol ok guess Jumanji's over now. Sertas looked at Kaijin, poking him. Aw, he's asleep. NOW YOU CANT EMBARRASS YOURSELF, SERTAS. Sertas poked Kaijin a few more times, in a (not that great) attempt to wake him up.[/container]
Kaijin groaned in his sleep, mumbling something about a troll named Rijora and what an idiot he was. Weird.
haha i know who that is. yes, i stalked kaijin on chitter. yes i'm sane, why do you ask? so anyways. "kaaaijin, wwwaaake uuup before i poke youuu to deaaath or some shit." sertas said, continuing to poke the sleebing rustblood.[/container]
The aforementioned rustblood continued talking shit in his sleep about Rijora. This would be a perfect moment to take a video, to tease him later. He also looked... Kind of pretty.
Sertas took out his phone and did exactly that. He took a video of Kaijin. But not to tease him. No, Sertas hadn't had that in mind. Sertas was taking the video because FUNNY RUSTBLOOD BOY PRETTY[/container]
The "funny rustblood boy" stirred a little at the lack of sound the movie provided him, and eventually opened his eyes.
"What... Where am I? Oh. Sorry I fell asleep. What do you have your phone out for?" He spoke a little bit hazily, not completely sure of his whereabouts.
fuck fuck fUCK FUCK. Sertas swiftly put his phone away. "wwwhaaat do youuu meaaan, i never haaad my phone ouuut." Nailed it. Ok Sertas change the subject. "it's cool thaaat youuu fell aaasleep. i do thaaat 70% of the time."[/container]
"You took a video, didn't you. I know that look. That's a "Kaijin fucking Zelaji did something stupid again and I am going to rub it in his face for as long as he lives" face."
"wwwell, Kaaaijin fuuucking Zelaaaji did do something stuuupid. aaand he is going to haaave it ruuubbed in his faaace for aaas long as he lives."[/container]
He reached for Sertas' phone. "Delete it. C'mon, I don't want... Certain people making fun of me. Certain fishy people. Gimme."
Sertas held his phone out of Kaijin's reach "lemme think aaabouuut it." sertas pretended to think about it. "hmm.. nope! aaand is thaaat certaaain fishy person naaamed rijoraaa by aaany chaaance"[/container]
Kaijin stopped dead in his tracks, eyes widening. "Wait... How do you know him?" He thought of ways that Sertas could know about his... Friend. Stalking? Obsessively reading his chittr posts? No, that was stupid. It had to be stalking. "What are you, a stalker???"
"maaaaaaybe." Sertas said, stretching the 'a' more than usual. the answer was yes. "...." "naaah you were juuust insuuulting them in youuur sleep."[/container]
He covered his mouth with his hands. "How much did I say?" He thought about it, then added, "WHAT did I say?? There are some things you CAN'T post, dude." He was exaggerating. He didn't have Rijora's deep secrets. Not yet, anyways.
"wwwho saaaid i wwwaaas gonnaaa post it? maaaybe i'll juuust keep it for my owwwn veiwwwing pleaaasuuure. youuu'll never knowww."[/container]
Kaijin huffed, his arms and legs now tangled around one of the chair arms. He tried to stand up to get the phone again, but he noticed that he was stuck.
"Um. Help?"
Sertas laughed at Kaijin, helping him get untangled. "howww the fuuuck did youuu even maaanaaage to get youuurself taaangled like thaaat? i'm impressed, honestly." During this Sertas wasn't protecting his phone from Kaijin.[/container]
"I don't usually get tangled in things!! That seems like your department anyway, since you're so damn tall. Just help me push down the seat..." Kaijin was also preoccupied with being frustrated and mocking Sertas' tallness, and missed the opening that the predicament gave him. Oh well.
"hey, it's not my faaauuult i'm so taaall." Sertas helped Kaijin push down on the seat, finally releasing him from said seat. words. He grabbed his once un-acknowledged phone and put it in his pocket.[/container]
Kaijin tumbled off the chair and onto the sticky floor. He quickly stood up, attempting to get the slightly dried soda off his sneakers and failing. He huffed and crossed his arms. "You didn't see that."
"yes i did. i maaay haaave hair covering both of my eyes buuut im not blind." he cringed a bit at his remarks. "buuut reaaally, aaare youuu okaaay? not thaaat i caaare, thouuugh." Sertas im going to commit several atrocities on you[/container]
Kaijin was indeed a little hurt, his right arm having hit an armrest on his way down. Regardless of this, he shook his head. "No, I'm okay. I'm too awesome to get hurt." He said, knowing damn well how many times he'd been injured around Sertas.
"wwwhaaatever youuu saaaay, liaaar. youuuve been huuurt too maaany times wwwith me for me to not knowww youuu most likely somehowww got huuurt."[/container]
He made a small (mostly for effect) grumble of annoyance. "I'm good, alright? And don't call me a liar!" He stuck out his tongue at Sertas. "I'm perfectly capable of telling the truth when I want to."
"yeaaah, yeaaah suuuuuure. youuure totaaally caaapaaable of telling the truuuth." sertas why. you. you keep insulting your date. "aaand i most definitely belive thaaat youuure okaaay."[/container]
"Just because you could pick me up and throw me at any moment doesn't mean you have the right to be all condescending!" Kaijin turned his gaze to the giant screen, now playing only credits.
"yes it does. taaall people reserve every right to be condescending. it helps scaaare the short people, like youuu." sertas you didnt need to add that last bit in. i'm going to roundhouse kick you. "wwwell, uuuh. looks like the movie is over" no shit sherlock[/container]
He shot Sertas a look that said 'Oh really. I hadn't noticed.' "You don't scare me. If you did, I wouldn't have the guts to do this." Faltering a bit, Kaijin blushed a deep rust and grabbed Sertas' hand, walking toward the exit. Once he realized Sertas wasn't moving, he looked back, his red face on full display. "You coming or what?"
Sertas took a minute to register what was happening, quickly regaining his composure. "yeaaah, uuuh. sorry." Sertas started walking, a light olive dusted across his face.[/container]
The small rustblood quickly walked back to the door with Sertas in tow, letting the other troll go and pushing it open with most of his body weight. Once out, he could have swore he heard the human working there take note of how 'they sounded more out of breath than when they came'. Whatever. He'd let it slide for now. Stupid humans and their stupid assumptions...
Like Kaijin, Sertas took note of the human, shooting them a glare that they couldnt see. Fuck you Sertas and your alt kid haircut. He gave a quiet 'thank you' to Kaijin for opening the door.[/container]
Stepping out into the cold night air, Kaijin looked up at Sertas. He laughed a little and asked, "Did you hear what they said?" He laughed because the notion was absolutely ridiculous... Right? He didn't want something to happen between them, in that small room, with no one there except the two boys....... Did he?
"yeaaah, i heaaard them. i haaate howww huuumaaans.. aaand most trolls.. juuump to concluuusions like thaaat." In all honesty, Sertas could go on a rant about this. He's spent a surprising amount of time thinking about it. But he's finally not being an idiot and shutting himself up. Good job, Sertas. I'm proud of you.[/container]
He shrugged. "You can't really tell other people what to think, but it would be nice if people minded their own damn business. I personally wouldn't really mind if..." He trailed off, hoping Sertas didn't catch that last part.
"youuu wwwouuuldnt mind if wwwhaaat?" Kaijin. You're not that slick. Did you really expect Sertas to let something slip by him? That only happens like once in a blue moon.[/container]
Kaijin blushed. He didn't even know why he SAID that, it was so embarrassing... He shook his head. "Nevermind, it's not like it would even be convenient anyway..." He muttered, trying to sound bitter. Kaijin fidgeted with his choker, looking quite cornered.
Sertas leaned down, so he was eye-level with Kaijin. "aaare youuu suuure? i'm quuuite interested nowww thaaat youuu wwwont tell me." You've dug yourself into a hole, Kaijin Zelaji. And theres only (honestly, prolly multiple) one way out.[/container]
He blushed, then smirked. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? I see what you're doing. I'm gonna make you wait, out of spite." Kaijin stuck out his tongue at Sertas. He wanted at least SOME control. He wasn't some sort of affection starved, desperate prick.
"maaaybe i do, maaaybe i dont. youll never knowww becaaause this daaate is aaalmost over. i meaaan, uuunless youuu dont wwwaaant it to. im fine either wwwaaay." Sertas stood up straight again, waiting for Kaijin's response, admittedly anxiously.[/container]
Kaijin finally exhaled the breath he didn't know he'd been holding in, and grabbed his phone. "Fuck... It's already almost my curfew. Don't laugh, by the way. I didn't set it. My lusus did. He doesn't want me to run off and do crime with you or whatever."
Sertas managed to only crack a smile. "yeaaah suuuuuure, laaameo. youuur luuusuuus souuunds.." uh think of more adjectives "laaame" fuck "crime is cool, duuude." Sertas said, his trying not to laugh smile dying down into more of a casual i want to commit crimes now smile.[/container]
"Crime is generalizing it. Crime can be anything, given all the stupid human laws they put in place. What kind of crime?" He was genuinely curious about what kind of crime Sertas was suggesting. Surely it couldn't be TOO bad, right?
Sertas shrugged. "I duuunno, it depends on howww faaar youuu're wwwilling to go." (bars) "Thouuugh, if youuur cuuurfewww is soon, aaand youuu miss it won't youuur luuusuuus yell aaat youuu or something?"[/container]
Kaijin grimaced, remembering his lusus' way of punishing him. He could have sworn he'd gone partially deaf from all the barking. "He... Yeah, he yells at me." The rustblooded teen could almost hear the tinnitus.
"youuu shouuuld get going then. wwwouuuldnt wwwaaant youuu getting yelled at by youuur luuusuuus. wwwe caaan commit crime aaanother time." (bars)[/container]
He nodded quickly, mostly for effect. "Yeah, definitely. But I am gonna look forward to seeing your stupidly pretty face again."
To be Continued...


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