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Tatchi Emutia

Played by Link

Tatchi Emutia (a.k.a. tachyonicZeal)

Tatchi is a nimble daredevil, driven by the pursuit of being faster than everyone else. He is cocky, but insecure, and will make SURE you know just how fast he really is. He is highly energetic and easy to excite, and often finds himself shooting off on wild tangents that only vaguely relate to the current conversation. While he is usually bubbly and loves being entertained, there is a moodier side to him that only shows when he becomes bored or disappointed. He can become reserved and bitter, quick to lash out at those who he deems to have wronged him. It is in this mood that his ego can take over, and he often finds himself attacking aspects of people's character that he doesn't really care about, such as their appearance or caste. At his best, he is chipper and finds his fun in spreading joy and excitement, but at his worst, he is venomously cold and bitter. His friendships are often ripe with strife, his fragile ego often leading him to instinctively berate those close to him. That being said, he enjoys the company of others, and doesn't like to be alone. Tatchi is intelligent, but often dangerously quick to act, leading him to leap into unfavourable situations without giving them the proper thought.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Tatchi has a small, feminine frame. His jagged horns and choppy hair sweep back behind him. When he exerts himself, his eyes and veins glow a vibrant blue.
He has a pair of goggles that he usually wears on his forehead, and wears an indigo bandana around his neck. Usually, he has a few glowing vials of condensed electricity hanging off of his waist. He tends to wear shorts and indigo sneakers. He wears unnecessary bandages on his hands and wrists, mainly so that he can have two ribbons trailing behind him as he runs. So cool.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Trolls of Tatchi's caste are expected to be strong and imposing, but he had always been small and relatively weak. Having grown envious of the strength and statures of those around him, a young Tatchi set out to find another physical trait that he could dominate. Inspired by his lusus' impressive speed, Tatchi decided that he would become the fastest troll to ever have lived. He trained every day for years, sprinting everywhere instead of walking, and always took shortcuts through alleyways and over rooftops to get to his destinations faster than others would've thought conceivable.
Even with this incredibly alacritous lifestyle, Tatchi still felt incomplete. He felt like he could do better. He found himself turning to the sciences to try and discover ways of making himself even faster. Tatchi experimented on himself, mixing all manner of tentative chemicals to try and derive some sort of concoction that would allow him to go beyond his limits. One night, under a full moon, Tatchi made an incredible discovery that would change him forever.
Miraculously, he found a way of containing live electricity within a syringe, that he could then safely inject into himself to supercharge his blood.
Since then, Tatchi has been a walking capacitor, the electricity running through his veins allowing him to move faster than ever. Electronics tend to act strangely around him due to his charged body, and he is working to find ways to circumvent frying every computer he touches.


Tatchi is a professional speed demon. He does dangerous stunt work and runs races. He has a growing social media presence where he occasionally gets brand deals.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Tatchi is fast as fuck. While his form is physically rather unimposing, he makes up for it with his nigh unmatchable speed. He's hard to hit and harder to pin down. He's intelligent and a fast learner, and knows a lot about experimental sciences--knowledge which he keeps to himself. Tatchi's body is constantly charged with electricity which he can use to zap things, though he doesn't have much control over this power.

Personality Characteristics


To be the fastest troll to ever live.

Likes & Dislikes

Speed, electricity, chili dogs, winning, science, discovering new things.
Water, being bored, losing, giving up.
9 sweeps (19 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
txts and tlks supr fast, remvs unneedd lettrs from wrds, gets msgs sent asap by usin acronyms like ttyl, lol, wtf, etc
A bipedal, speedy hedgehog that likes to collect valuables, such as rings and emeralds.
➠Original Planet
Mage of Time


In Person




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