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Streets 8} Marvus and Vloume

Marvus played by Mist, Vloume played by Leng
Man. Been like 14 minutes since he left that interview, got 'round 30 'till rehearsal to get there. But for now, Maruvs finds due spending his time inbetween strolling on through the less-populated spectacle of the city, loosly tapping his cane to the pace in one hand and a frappé in another.   Nothing much finds suit to occupy his pan right about now, other then the busying schedule for today running. Mostly bland; ya boi gotta run sum errands & talk big words 2 big buzzness! Woop.   Welp, gonna enjoy the most of their drink as slow as they want while they got the time.[/container]
Vloume was walking up and down the street picking up trash and placing it in a bag they had just for collecting it. They was doing thier best to keep out of the way of others, darting over to a bit of rubbish once it wasn't blocked by feet or someone tossing it down. They didn't want to collect trash just as it was thrown, just in case that would upset the person that threw it. Sometimes people needed to throw things, they could understand that.   Although they were doing their best to avoid other people, they were mentally occupied by the recent events they'd been part of, and there for randomly spacing out.
One such zone out caused her to forget to move out of the way of a particularly nicely dressed troll with a cane and a frappé.
His attention gets drawn by the show of his quirked eyebrows and narrowed eyes. Though, I guess they're always like that. He's a good showsman, but he also likes to give attention by the all or nothing scale most of the time. Even if said allurement didn't mean to be noticed.   "dam lookin alil down in da dumps dere" Marvus starts. His steps slow, posture lax with a grin to match suit as he pauses in front of her. He doesn't need to take a gander of Vloume to catch that there was something unusual. Also; he's bored.[/container]
Vloume startled and looked up, and up, at the troll they'd gotten in the way of. They bowed a few times while scuttling backwards out of the way.
"i'm so so so very sorry. it was noty my intention to upsety you wif my dumps."
" aw naw man u ain upset shiz " Marvus laughs. With no crowd to cheer him on, he easily drops the idea of washing the sidewalk with blood. " no need 2 panic up liek dat grrl , we gravy "   Though, now that he takes this time to take a better glance over her, the gleam of his eyes loses it's spirits just a bit as he notes Vloume's state. " got DAM tho i shuld b askin r u good? " It's common knowledge of how little the hemospectrum changed sure, but if there's trolls living out like this now then man :o/[/container]
"oh yes fanky you so so so much for your gravy." Vloume resisted the urge to button his shirt up so that he wouldn't get cold.   "i..." Oh no, oh nonono. Did they know?
Their eyes flashed with defiance for a moment and they gripped the trashbag. But only a moment, then they glazed over and relaxed, smiling blankly.
"yes GOOD. i have been very GOOD."
He wouldn't be a good audience to go with the good showsman gig if he doesn't pick up on cues and notes. The way Vloume's apprehension rolls like an uncertain merry-go-round, the lackluster grin. " relly dawg? cause da wae i see it u culd use a biiig make overs . or a frappie "   Marvus holds out his frappé. Still mostly full, gotta watch dat diet!   " quieres? "[/container]
"i did noty mean to offend wif my looky. i am so so so very sorry." They mildly wondered if their makeup worn off or if their roots showing were showing. Though the thoughts were about a blank as their expression.   They reached out for the offered drink, assuming he was offering it to her. She didn't want to offend anyone by being unsure or turning it down. "oh yes, fanky you so so so very muchy."
" he he liek i said ur chill homie :o) " Marvus made no further comments with that, confirming nor denying with the sphinx-like smile lazing on his face. Less attention, less focus; the line of purple blending into his pupils, almost as if lost in it's own blur.   " say wats ur name " They add. " cant just b givin out 2 da low blows liek candy un 4 tunately , gotta reputation 2 hold, ya dig ?"[/container]
Vloume took a sip of the frappé to be polite and tried to hand it back to him. They froze at getting asked their name though and clenched the drink a bit to hard, causing the cup to crumble and the lid to attempt an escape. "i... i am noty importanty enough for thaty." He replied finally, easing up on the cup and blushing in embarrassment at what they'd done. "may i buy you a new drink?"
It sure does taste like a frappé! Admittably with what tastes like a bit more tangy then usual, though it's not a negative addition.   They let out a soft snort upon Vloume's response. It didn't quite fit the face for "Grandmaster Xoloto", and they seem to realize that as they continue on. " he he who told u sumn liek dat? its fine , we grillin broski " He winks with that. " and nah u can keep da frap, think of it liek a treat k? "[/container]
"i am so very HAPPY to grill with you." They smiled blankly at the wink and wondered who this person was and why they had stopped to talk.   "fanky you." Vloume looked at the crumpled drink, then took another sip for politeness sake. "you are very KIND so share your drinky with me. ity is very PLEASENTY."
" uh huh " Marvus' expression remained all the same. Yeah, this troll here's got problems to sort out.   " well, nice chattin 2 ya now, but i think i stald nough tiem 4 my nect intervew. " If he'd have his hat, he'd give a bow to add more points, but as of right now, it's on break. " gl out there mono xo) " Since he doesn't have a name to work with, might as well work his charm as always with nicknames. With that, Marvus turns to head on out. Probbaly got like 30 minutes left to get there.[/container]
Vloume bowed to him a few times as he turned to leave. "fanky you so so so very much for your time."   They waited for him to be fully not paying them any more attention before finishing the drink and putting the crumbled cup into the trachbag.
Scene End


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