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Sadhbh Oshari

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Sadhbh Oshari (a.k.a. antediluvianIchor)

Sadhbh is driven, more than anything, by logic and truth. It seeks to learn as much as it possibly can about the universe, and tries to use this wealth of knowledge to improve the lives of all beings. White lies may as well be a foreign concept to Sadhbh; it aims to always be honest, even if it means hurting its friends. Logic is paramount and emotions are rarely considered outside of life-or-death scenarios. Despite all of this, Sadhbh is a deeply caring troll, and those who can look past its calculating nature will realise that everything it does is for the betterment of the world. Sadhbh is actually prone to intense, sometimes juvenile emotion - but it doesn't let these feelings interfere with its logical reasoning.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Sadhbh's skin usually has a faint glow to it, and it changes colour depending on the emotions Sadhbh is feeling. When it is happy, its skin tends to glow colourfully; when it feels nervous or awkward, it blends into its environment. Its pupils change shape with its expressions. It has small suckers on its fingertips. Sadhbh is 6'2".

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sadhbh used to be a normal, violet-blooded troll girl, with aspirations grounded in reality and a desire to make other people happy. However, years of exposure to its lusus' immense psionic ability opened young Sadhbh's mind to various hidden truths of the universe and beyond, bending the confines of the young troll's brain until it could no longer see itself as a she, or even as a troll. Sadhbh's understanding of terrors beyond, of what existed between the fabric of time and space, left it feeling trapped in its bipedal troll form. Still, realising that escaping its body was no easy task, it set out to learn as much as it could about the world around it, with aspirations of unlocking the world's secrets and making it a better place in the little time it had.


Sadhbh doesn't have a paying job, but monetarily is quite well-off by virtue of being a seadweller.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sadhbh's skin has natural camouflaging abilities. It is very logical and intelligent, and can quickly pick up on small details that others may miss. It is surprisingly good with a whip.

Personality Characteristics


To learn as many of the universe's secrets as possible, and to make the world a better place.

Likes & Dislikes

Open-minded people, things with tentacles, the ocean, roleplaying, FLARP.
Lies, people letting their emotions control them, unnecessary violence.
10 sweeps (23 years)
Agender (It/its, AFAB)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
S̡̾pe͎a͚̍k̰̀s͚ w̧͠i᷄t̹h́ an͓͊ o̳ͣth͛e᷉ŕ̩w᷂̑o̮rd︡l̐y͚ d͓ͬȩt͇ac͆h̭ͥm͡en̩t͂͢,̹ i̙nv̺͡o͢k͇i᷂ng̏ th̲e᷊ hạr̼ͮr̺o̮wi︣ngͪ c̕r̝iě͖s︠ ǫf͇ a͈n͒c̜̉i͎͡e͋ǹt̾ c᷄h̞᷃t̳h͓︡o̘n᷃͢ič e̼vī̩l̮s̲.̺ͧ
An unseeable, eldritch terror lurking in the depths of the ocean; Sadhbh's lusus psychically manipulates trolls to approach it, before consuming their memories, emotions, and personalities, leaving them as emotionally dead shadows of their past selves. Sadhbh is the only one able to see its lusus without having this happen - but never speaks of it or what it does.
➠Original Planet
Seer of Void


In Person




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