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Swearing is allowed on this server, but offensive slurs will NOT be permitted in any capacity. Please speak English in the out-of-character channels.  

Respect and Harassment

As a server, we want to encourage a diverse and healthy community free of prejudice. Please treat others with respect, and do not attack their personal views, beliefs, ages, sexualities, etc.
If you are found to be harassing another user in or out of PMs, you will be reprimanded. This includes unwanted sexual advancements, especially towards underage users.  


Homestuck's got a lot of trolls. We get it. But please keep all trolling attempts in-character. If you are found to be a troublemaker trying to annoy others or disrupt the server, you will be kicked.
Do not raid or threaten to raid the server.  


Not-safe-for-work content is ONLY permitted within the appropriate channels, which you need the Pail role to access. This role is 16+. If you are under this age and take the role, it will be removed from you and you will receive a warning. Administrators under 16 will still have access to these channels.
NSFL content such as gore is not permitted in any channel.  

Warnings and Strikes

People make mistakes - it's only human. If you break a rule, a member of staff will speak to you, and you will receive a strike. If you receive three strikes, you will be banned from the server.
If you do something that is obviously unacceptable - such as making yourself known as a troll or posting illegal/NSFL content - you will be instantly removed from the server without warning.



Form Requirements

Be sure to fill out every non-optional section on the submission form. Please write at least three sentences in both the "personality" and "backstory" sections. Ensure that your character's name follows the canon naming convention of their species - 6/6 for trolls, and 4/6 or 4/7 for humans. Limebloods can have names of any length.
When your OC gets approved, grab the appropriate roles from #reaction-roles.  

Overpowered Characters

Please don't make characters that are extremely powerful upon creation. This includes characters with incredible political power, characters who are "the best at fighting", and characters with special abilities that make them unbeatable in altercations. If in doubt, contact an admin.  

Limited Castes

Certain castes/species have limited slots. To stop barely active people from taking these slots from active players, you will need to reach a certain level with the MEE6 bot (earned by talking and roleplaying on the server) to claim these castes. These castes, and their associated levels, are as follows.   Lime = Level 10
Mutant = Level 15
Fuchsia = Level 20 ⠀

Canon Character Claiming

Before you can claim a canon character, you must show that you can play them properly in one of the freeform roleplaying channels. This is to assure quality roleplaying and immersion for everyone; I hope you understand!
The amount of canon characters you can claim is based on your level with the Mee6 bot. This level will steadily raise as you chat and roleplay in the server. The amount of characters per-level is as follows.   Level 0 = One Canon Character
Level 10 = Two Canon Characters
Level 20 = Three Canon Characters
Level 30 = Four Canon Characters
Level 40 = Five Canon Characters   If you don't play a canon character for a while, we will ping you asking you to pick them up again. If you don't return to them without giving a proper reason, we will have to revoke the character from you.  

Source Material Faithfulness

While no one is expected to play canon characters with 100% accuracy, we would definitely prefer if you could attempt to keep them as close to how they are portrayed in canon as possible. Headcanons and slight alterations are welcome, but please don't play vastly different versions of canon characters! Please memorise canon typing quirks/styles and try to emulate them properly.
  • If you haven't read all of Homestuck, please do not claim characters that you haven't read up to yet.
  • In this server, the betas are around 19, and the alphas are around 22.
  • Love children OCs of canon characters and canon family member OCs are not allowed. Sorry!



Post Length

Please try to post more than one sentence in your roleplay replies. Shorter replies while in a conversation or using Trollian is fine, but in regular roleplay avoid super-short responses like the plague! If a member of staff or the person you are roleplaying with asks you to up your response length, please do your best to comply.  


Small out-of-character messages in in-character locations are fine, but please try to keep them to a minimum, and make sure you put them ((in double brackets)) or //after double slashes to make it obvious that you are speaking out-of-character.
When commenting on other people's roleplays, please default to the appropriate OOC channel, instead of posting OOC messages over their roleplays.
Please remember that what people's characters say or do is representative of their characters, and not of them. Everyone is here to play characters, not themselves; do not take IC conflict OOC.  

Ending Roleplays

When you finish a roleplay or leave a location, please leave some sort of indicator that the channel has been freed up.
If you show no signs of returning to a roleplay after a few weeks, a staff member may mark that the roleplay is over to free up the location.  


This ties into rule two of the previous group, but is more specific to actual roleplay; please don't make your characters unspeakably badass! Sure, you can play cool characters that do heroic things, but being the best at everything and fearing nothing quickly makes the roleplay boring for everyone else involved. Roleplaying is a give-and-take - please do your best to facilitate the fun of others as well as yourself.
If you want to attempt something IC that another character may oppose - such as disarming, striking, or grabbing something from them - ALWAYS write that your character "attempts" to do the thing, so that the other player can have their character oppose the action if they wish.  

Bashing and Critiquing

Please do not critique people's roleplaying skills or bash their characters/quirks/etc. unless they specifically request to be critiqued. We facilitate roleplayers and characters of varying skill levels and complexities.
If you struggle with understanding a character's quirk, please make an attempt to learn how it works instead of just IC saying things like "I can't understand anything you say" and moving on. If you still genuinely struggle with reading a character's quirk, please politely ask the player for a translation.



Text Combat

Typically, combat will be resolved through purely text-based encounters. This means that instead of relying on stat blocks and dice rolls, every attack and subsequent hit or dodge will be decided through roleplay. If you decide to have your characters fight in this way, please be realistic with their abilities; your 14 year old human gamer isn't going to be able to dodge every attack from a vicious trident-wielding fuchsiablood, for example. Take hits, give hits, and when the odds are clearly against your character, be creative! Some fights will be stacked against you from the beginning, so you'll have to think outside the box. Do not make your character unbeatable, do not randomly pull out a gun or some other secret overpowered weapon, and do not get upset if your character loses the fight. Heroes have to get beaten down before they can rise up. Accept that, fight fair, and everyone will have fun.  

Dice Rolling

When purely text-reliant combat isn't your cup of tea, the Dice Maiden bot will the there to allow lady luck to take the reigns. We'll work out a more comprehensive system at some point, but for now, dice combat works as follows:
  • Characters have 5 points of health by default. Each hit they take reduces their health by 1. When a character's health reaches zero, they go unconscious and lose the fight.
  • When attacking, !roll 1d20. Typically, any roll over 15 is a hit.
  • Some characters are naturally tougher or better at fighting than others. Refer to the below table to see what bonuses your character may receive.
No Combat Training 0 No Combat Training 0
Fit/Some Combat Training +2 Robot/Midblood +1
Extensive Combat Training +4 Ghost/Highblood +2
  Certain characters don't fit into this mould. If you believe your character's stat bonuses would be different than what is written above, please contact an admin and they will examine your character to help get something that fits them better.  

Hits and Dodges

Whichever of the above systems you decide on using, you are expected to properly write out your attacks and responses to make them believable and engaging. Instead of "Dave dodged and attacked", try and write something like "Dave gracefully leapt over his opponent's swing, before swinging his sword towards their legs."  

Permission to Maim/Kill

Do not permanently wound or kill another player's character without receiving their permission first. There are no exceptions to this rule, and the staff team reserves the right to retcon any actions that violate it.  

Actions During Combat

While in the heat of battle, your character would not have time to carry out other actions while still attacking and dodging. If you wish to do something outside of attacking and defending, you must forfeit your attack, dodge, or both, depending on the time requirement of the action. Please be reasonable in what your character can do - no leaping to the side and crafting a spear in two seconds, for example.


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