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Remtii Fabosa

Played by Remi

Remtii Fabosa (a.k.a. lovelyLumpfish)

"hovw entertaining, a gaggle of golds, vwhy don’t some of you go back to being batteries or smeared on some purplebloods vwall? 8)"
  described as being remarkably psychopathic, lacking much empathy but at times somehow having slivers of it.. is heavily two faced, playing nice to certain groups or appealing to certain groups for his own gain, only to backstab them later, has barely any people in his inner circles who he is actually genuine to, the only well known of these people being a fuchsia named Eschar who he gets along with seemingly well.. most times Remtii sees others as mere toys to play around with, bothering them nonsensically and annoying them for his own sick amusement which comes at a high cost of him being hated by many. There are likely more sides to his personality that haven’t been touched upon, however.. it is apparent that at times.. he has a heart (just for all the wrong people)   ⠀ ⠀

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Remtii stands at 4’5 tall w/o his horns, and around 5’0 with them included. Remtii has several cosmetic mutations including pink horns, pink hair, and of course wings that are no longer present.. usually wears bright clothing ranging in fur lined coats, printed tights and heels, Remtiis teeth are akin to a humans lacking sharp points, he appears unnaturally sort of creepy despite his cute stature.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At a young age Remtii was described as a rather kindly optimistic fuchsia, he didn’t have interest in taking the throne or even conquering planets like your typical fuchsablood, he instead wanted to create his own empire that he himself could reign over and that no one else would (likely) topple, he became the face in fashion, an influential and seemingly beautiful young man who was gifted with creative talent as well as heaping amounts of money and status.. in short the color of his blood and his standing were enough to basically make him a juggernaut in the industry. …it wasn’t until the lowerups decided to stand up to him that Remtii changed for the worse, and his empire collapsing and fading into Alternian history, from then on after that.. Remtiis demeanors changed, he grew to be more hemoistic and oppressive, his kind stature being buried under hateful thoughts, many of these problems arose from a mere planned mishap that befell upon him.. Remtii was gifted at “birth” with wings, many would say these were a mutation.. but brilliant and eye catching nonetheless they were Remtiis own pride and joy seemingly his “identity” the lowerups “clipping” him of that identity in days since long passed.. leaving behind only mere remnants of his pride and identity. Upon the merging of planets including his own, Remtii was amongst some of the few to assist (remarkably) in the chaos that ensued, because of this seemingly heroic act (although he likely just did it for attention and praise) he was awarded one of the high seats in Amalgamas government, which was known to just consist of oppressive highbloods who wanted to make those below them suffer as well as humankind.. as a government official he enacted many a law at his fingertips that would oppress the lower castes, making the higherups only richer and powerful he rarely used his powers for good which was unfortunate given his past kindly stature.. remarkably Remtii found he was dissatisfied in his job, ⠀
While his duties were impactful he was dissatisfied with the attention he was getting and so, stepped down from his seat to take upon a trail of his own doing.. Using his riches and popularity Remtii became the founder and sole owner of a club dubbed The Pink Palace, a hotspot for trolls and humans of all hues to party, drink, and have fun, Remtiis club wasn’t just a party hub it was known for hosting events like balls and other extravagant events that usually made Remtii the center of attention.. after all, that was.. one of the reasons he even formed the club in the first place, Remtiis “all hues and species welcome” policy was constantly jabbed upon by those who knew he was just holding up the idea so he could earn others favors.. Remtiis adventures in club owning and freedoms from a government chair lead him into various unfortunate situations all from dealing with crazy ringleaders and cannibals to one of which would take the rest of his winged pride with it.. but that story.. is for another day.. although., it won’t be too hard to find.


ex government official now owner of The Pink Palace, Remtii is also somewhat a social media influencer running his own platform combating against the popular “chittr”

Accomplishments & Achievements

gifted with an (almost) seemingly powerful ring, a ring imbued with great technological ability Remtii can cast “spells” These include things such as summoning weapons of his imagination to mere object levitation. There is one power that is more unique and cursed to this ring, Remtii can “steal” pieces of others abilities, while they aren’t as strong as those whom he takes them from they are useable at a grim cost.. each time he uses one of these thieved abilities a piece of his life is taken with it (imagine it like a clock, ticking slowly however each time one is used it jumps maybe a few hours ahead) this has caused him to think first before using them, at times his decisions are brash which costs him more than that’s good. Some of these stolen abilities include mediocre ones of 8balls, such as the ability to use and control small flame to controlling minor electronics like cellphones.

Personality Characteristics


he wants to crush those who oppose him in whatever way he possibly can. Above all though.. he wants to have his wings back, luckily.. thanks to Eschar it seems that goal may become closer to reality.

Likes & Dislikes

Remtii likes sweets ranging from anything to cakes to candy his sweet tooth is unnatural and it’s shocking he doesn’t have a cavity, he likes attention whether it be good or bad attention, fashionistic clothing and of course bright colors… also has a strange thing for collecting teeth and eating eyes, it’s very disturbing.. although eyes aren’t the only part of a persons body he will consume within reason…(He also likes Eschar if that.. wasn’t apparent already..)
Dislikes being in water, unless it’s warm and in something like a bathtub or shower, if it wasn’t already obvious he dislikes those who oppose him and mock or belittle him whether it be in person or online, he dislikes the color green and above all seems to have a oddly huge distaste for limebloods
27 years (12.46 approx sweeps)
➠Sexual Orientation
Remtii is bisexual, however he has a heavy male lean and has been known to be attracted to women but never actually dated a woman, most of them just don’t interest him.. unless you’re someone who’s piqued his interest.
fuchsia, specifically a bubblegum pink which seems to be unanimous on his clothing and troll handles.
Radia (fanmade)
➠Typing Quirk
Places v’s in front of his w’s and usually surrounds his sentences with an array of annoying trollmoji typically ranging in hearts or sparkles, uses common texting shortcuts instead of spelling out the actual word (ex: u, r, lol, lmao, y, ttyl, ltr etc.)
lumpfish/lumpsucker (deceased) a massive creature as almost old as time.. the same lusus that stood beside Remtiis ancestor when he was still alive it was uncertain how old the creature was upon it’s unfortunate death but it was said to stretch sweeps upon sweeps of age.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Heart


In Person






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