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Pixzie's Hive 1} Olmaka and Pixzie

Olmaka played by Ron, Pixzie played by Kiwi
Olmaka checked her phone again to make sure that she had the right place as she wiped at her forehead. Phew! Who knew that the desert was more hot than the forest? Well she did see a few movies that suggested as such, but it failed miserably in what to really expect!   Tucked under one arm was her favorite Bunny Plush with Troll horns, this time dressed fashionably in a leather jacket and sunglasses. Soooo coool!   Strapped to her back was her pastel pink backpack that had peaches and wolf motifs patterned all over it. The bag wasn't helping the heat situation since she had a piping hot container full of her sugar rice.   Feeling that since this was the only hive around she ventured a knock on the front door.
Pixzie was laying on the couch when she heard the knock. She still had her semi nice clothes on, from meeting with Irma. She rose from her spot, walking past her sleeping Lusus. She opened the door and looked at Olmaka. She stared at her for a second, this had to be the person from the memo, I mean who else would trudge their way out to the middle of the desert. "Oh uh you must be SP" her stomach growled and she stepped out of the way "come in"
Beaming that she got the right place she came in without much more prompting, bouncing on her feet.   "Uwuuuuu it's so good to meet you in paw-son finally! My name is Olmaka! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She said cheerfully, or uh, well her bunny did. Olmaka's mouth didn't budge an inch even though she was smiling at her.   "Should I still call you AP or a different name?"
Pixzie shut the door behind her and looked at her fellow Oliveblood. She raised an eyebrow and looked at the bunny and then back to her. She would definitely be questioning that, but not until after she ate because gog was she hungry. "Nice to meet you too, um I'm Pix I mean Pixzie." She snorted at herself for the slip up. "thanks, for the food"
"Hopefully you'll like it! I must admit after trying abit of the organ lubricant myself I think anything would taste better than that! Bleh! (乂☉ェ☉=)" She stuck out her tongue and went over to a table, sliding her bag off so she could start unpacking her goods.   She pulled out three containers worth of sugar rice, each one about ready to pop from being overfilled. Along with the containers she pulled out a jar filled with sliced onions floating around in a bright green liquid.
Pixzie watched her and licked her lips. It didn't mater to her that it was rice with sugar in it, it was food and food she didn't have to steal at that. "Ha you aren't really supposed to eat that stuff, but it gets you kinda...well nevermind. She walked over to Olmaka, "I'm sure I'll like it it's food." She snorted to herself leaning on the table.
"You're not? ( ・×・)" She asked as she pulled off one of the lids allowing steam to escape from it. The smell from it was very sweet, hinting that she must've put quite abit of sugar into it.   "I also brought over some Sour Onions if you want as well. I made alot and I am running out of room back at home." She pointed to the jar.
"Thank you I will also totally take those. I mean you use that stuff to clean your hands, but um, when you drink it it makes you high" She didn't even bother to grab a bowl, she just grabbed a spoon. She shoved a couple bites of the food in her mouth, she knew it was gross and she looked like a rabid child, but she was hungry and she wanted food. It was an odd taste that's for sure but it was food none the less.
"Why would you want to get...uh high? Hrm...is it because you are on the short side? I suppose I can see why in that sense. ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒ " She was beaming as she watched Pixzie eat, glad they were enjoying it so much.
Pixzie snorted trying not to spit rice everywhere. She shook her head, "don't worry about it, do you want some too I can grab you a spoon. She hummed before shoveling more rice into her mouth.
"If you don't mind I'd like a fork, I'm not hungry but I would love a nibble on some of the onions. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She gave a little happy clap.
Pixzie grabbed a fork and handed it to her before finishing off the sugar rice. She burped and looked at the olive beside her "excuse me" then she looked at the rabbit she was holding. She wanted to ask now that she had filled her stomach. "So um.......whats that?" Pixzie asked pointing her finger to the rabbit in question.
She was in the middle of eating as the rabbit 'answered', "Oh! This is Scarlett O'Hare-ah! She's my favorite plushie, also the most behaved so she comes with me everywhere. (•ㅅ•)" She gave a sigh, "Snarl Marx always complains he doesn't go out, but the others tell me he always gets banned from every place he goes to."
A noise came from by the door from Pixzie's Lusus stirred a bit and rolled over. Pixzie nodded slowly, not paying attention to her Lusus. "So um why is it- she, why is she talking?" She asked "Uh sorry if that's like rude." She didn't really want to chase Olmaka out since she fed her and would probably feed her again, but she wanted to know. Guess it's a risk you take for information.
Her brow furrowed as she thought about how to best answer her, tapping the fork against her chin.   "It's not at all rude! I guess it does seem a little strange huh? Hehehe! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She giggled, putting the fork down. "I wanted to be more like my friends here! So since they don't talk aloud themselves I don't either! Scarlett here was very nice to volunteer to speak on my behalf for me."
This was a little strange but she'd seen worse. "How does she know what you wanna say?" Pixzie asked tilting her head to the side and looking at Mrs. Scarlett. She will admit that was one well dressed bun.
"I let her borrow my voice so it sounds like she's the one talking." She explained, as if it cleared everything up. "It...isn't too upsetting is it? Scarlett here says I need more practice at it, but I think it isn't that bad is it? /(•ㅅ•)\ " Olmaka asked, worrying on her bottom lip.
"No it isn't upsetting" She straitened her head. "I am just a little confused, no big deal. Do you wanna um...sit down or something," She wasn't the best host that was for sure. Her Lusus made another noise as she started to wake up. Her possum tail wagged.
"Oh! Sitting would make it easier to eat wouldn't it? U(•ㅅ•)U " As she was sitting down she got distracted seeing the Lusus start to rouse, making her stumble as half her butt missed it's mark. "Is your Lusus okay with me being here? ⌒(・x・)⌒" She asked, looking slightly concerned.
Pixzie followed her, and flopped down beside her. "I'm an adult this is my house and I pay the bills, so she can deal." Her Lusus yawned and woke up. "The worst she'll do is scream at you becuase she wants attention," Pixzie's Lusus stood up, and waddled over to the couch laying beside it.
She relaxed, easily being put at ease for the time being. It helped that the big adorable Lusus was so mellow in her presence.   "You're very lucky to have one that likes new people so well! I'm finding out quickly that mine takes awhile to warm up to them, though...one experience with a person isn't really much to judge by is it? (=‘x‘=)"
Pixzie watched her Lusus, thankful that no screaming fits were started. She looked back at her company and snorted "Yeah lucky is not the word I would use to describe me and her. She is such a coin flip never know if she'll be fine or flip. She's tired though so it'll be fine I guess.....so maybe we should like get to know each other or somthing" wow Pixzie a social situation where you can't just tease the other person, imagine that.
"Sounds like fun! Uwuuu! Maybe I'll learn stuff about myself too while we're at it! ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒" She wiggled in her seat, "I'm still learning about myself to be honest, I hope that is ok?"
Pixzie nodded and let out a snore, "Whatever I don't know shit about my stuff either." She shrugged and chuckled. "We're both young, right? At least you look young I guess, maybe we can start there, like how old we are, I'm 8 sweeps" She felt a little awkward in her speaking, but she was trying to do this how you were supposed to.
Olmaka settled her plush in her lap, adjusting Scarlet's sunglasses as she did. "If the pile of calendars I found is to be believed I am 8.9 sweeps. My Lusus confirmed this for me when I asked, but they went to sleep afterwards so they possibly must've been just nodding off. (´・×・) "   Sighing she shook her head and looked back at Pixzie, "What is it that you like to do all day? Do you go into town at all?"
Pixzie nodded at her age, yeah they were close together, she figured. "Well uh, I mean I was out today. I do a lot of work to be honest, other than that sleep." She slumped into the couch a bit "Sorry if that's boring but life ya know, what about you?"
"What kind of work? Oh oh don't tell me let me guess! (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)" Bouncing in her seat she got uncomfortably close to Pixzie as she looked her in the eyes, as if she could read her whole resume off of it.   "Hrmmmmmm.....oh! A shoe salesman? A very daring and exciting job indeed! Wait...no no....um....a Candle Theif! How bold and mysterious! Uwwwuuuuuuuu!"
Pixzie watched her and she got a little nervous, it wasn't because of the closeness either, it was because of the questions about her work. She scratched the back of her head, "okay look you can't tell anyone but what I do is kind of illegal so, I mean I do steal stuff. Not usually candles though." Ronwea12/20/2020 [container:char olive]
Not at all taking her personal space into account she got in closer, looking like she was going to pop from excitement. "Something better than candles?! What is it?! I promise I won't tell! Not a soul! Or even people without souls!"
Pixzie snorted and this time she gently set a hand on Olmaka's sholder, pushing her back a small bit. "Okay, I kill large monsters and animals, that are illgal to kill then I sell all of their stuff on the black market."
She snapped her finger in realization, "Ohhh! So that's why you go through all of the organ lubricant! Makes more sense now." She nodded, even though it was already explained to her that's not why.   "Explains why you're so tired though! That must be really exhausting."
She snorted at the troll across from her, "yeah lets just say that." she sighed and leaned into the couch. "It really is exhausting, but whatever gotta do what you gotta do, what do you do for work?" Pixzie asked very curious to see what she did. The girl across from her was a very interesting person, so she honestly had no idea what she did.
"I've been doing rather well with making money from writing fanfictions!" Olmaka made Scarlet wiggle her limp stubby arms to show excitement. "It's really fun! I'm unsure what I did before I woke up, but until I figure it out writing has worked out well enough. (⁎˃ᆺ˂) "
She raised a brow, she had no idea that writing fan fics could be profitable. "woah that's cool" she chuckled "before you woke up?" She asked again, she was now officially interested, (as if she wasn't already)
Olmaka nodded, "I woke up one day in my hive and don't remember much of what happened before then. I'm pretty pawsitive that it's mine, it feels like mine...I think?" She gave a shrug, "No one else has tried to come into the hive since I woke up, so I assume it is mine."
She listened, "So you have like amnesia, damn I'm sorry dude" Pixzie's Lusus grunted, and shifted against the couch making it move a bit.
Tilting her head she asked, "Why are you sorry?" She pondered on this herself and added, "I guess it would normally be considered a bad thing wouldn't it? Though I don't think of it that way. (•ㅅ•)" She reached over to pat her knee. "I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, and now I get to read all the books in my house like it was the first time again! It's pawsome to get to experience things like they're new."
"You are a very optimistic person," She nodded watching Olmaka. "I mean like reading all of the books I guess is cool. At least you aren't like sad about it and stuff"
"Hard to miss what you don't remember having. If one day it comes back to me then great! If not, that's okay too since I'm still enjoying being me." Olmaka beamed.
That made Pixzie smiled, "So what kinda stuff do you like to do, hobbies wise." She adjusted her position on the couch and crossed her legs.
She lifted up Scarlet, "I like making more of my stuffed rabbit friends. Now that I've met you I'll be making a new one to join the ranks! I'll have to see if I have enough fabric though."
Pixzie studdied the doll "She seems very well made, and uh making a new one, wait like of me?" she raised a brow, that would be a little weird. A rabbit stuffed animal that looked like her, wow that was something she was gonna have to think about now.
"I very much enjoy making new ones, so why not ones that are based on the people I meet?" She had Scarlet boop her on the nose with her stubby arm. "I've already made one of Roza, I just have to finish up her clothes!"
She blinked, stuffed animals of real people wasn't that uncommon. It just sat a little strangely with her of one that was her. She chuckled "Um who's Roza?"
"Oh uh...ummmm" She rubbed her temple to help her remember. "Uhhh SR? That's right....right? She was the one offering to sell me the organ lubricant."
Pixzie snorted and laughed. She nodded "okay okay well I'm glad she got you out. The food was really good and so far so is this." She smiled, the organ lubricant got to her, it really did.
"I'm glad I got to get out too! Because I finally got to meet you in person!" She clapped happily. "If you aren't too busy maybe you can show me around to your favorite places? I'm very eager to start exploring everything outside my hive finally. ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒"
She looked out the window, "I guess I could, I mean I wouldn't mind." She stretched, "give me like a couple minutes to get ready." she began to rise to her feet.
Looking surprised she quickly corrected herself, "Sorry! I wasn't meaning right now...unless you are really up for it?" Olmaka gave her a hopeful look.
She looked at her face and waved a hand, "we can go now its alright, but you might not want to wear that, let me see if I have something you can wear" she walked into her room and quickly washed the makeup off. She took her skirt off because strategic skirt shorts. She grabbed a t short and shorts that were bigger on her then walked back out. "These might fit" she held out the clothes to her.
"Whats wrong with what I got on? (≡・x・≡)" She asked, looking down at her long sleeved outfit. Was it too much? Was she making Pixzie uncomfortable with being too dressed up for the occasion? Maybe when they were out she could get some new clothes that'd be more suitable.   Blinking at the offer of clothes she took them from her, examining the t shirt for a moment then gave a giggle as she read '4 out of 3 people struggle with math'.
"You just might like sweat really bad, and stuff, it's hot out there I don't want you to have a stroke or something" She stretched out, "Your clothes are fine and you look nice and stuff. My bathrooms over there by the way," Pixzie sat back down and put her shoes on.
"Oh! That's very kind of you, it is super hot out there. (=‘x‘=)" She got up and started heading towards the bathroom. "Not sure how you're able to live out here without sufficient shade everywhere."
"I have a special air conditioning unit, costs a fucking fortune but I'd die without it" she tied her hair up in a bun. "And it's a bit cooler out here in the oasis." She stretched herself out.
She couldn't imagine how much hotter it could get than this as she went to the bathroom to change. It wasn't long before she was back out, her own clothes folded neatly under one arm. Strangly Scarlett also had an outfit change, now sporting a sunhat and a pineapple patterned undress.   "This does feel much better! (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)" She wished around, liking the freeing feeling of the shorts.
Pixzie looked at her than at the bun then back at her. Oooookay then. She grabbed her clothes and set them on the couch. "You look nice, uhh is there anything you like want to see? The desert isnt the most exciting so like I dont really know what you want to see?"
"Anything you think would be fun! Just being outside is exciting enough as it is! If you want we can just watch a lizard blink if you like. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She said, giving the impression that she was pretty easy to please.
She nodded, "Alright" She cracked her neck, and grabbed her knife. "It's not exactly friendly out there so be careful." She walked outside and the heat was prevalent. She looked around and decided to steer clear of the lab, she didn't really want to see ol Karzy right now. She decided on a way to go and began walking.
She stepped back when the knife came out, nervous until it was out of her site again. Scarlett had her shades down as they went out of the hive, Olmaka looking at her in envy when she remembered how terribly bright it was out here.   "Have you ever seen giant worms out here? U╹ x ╹U" She asked randomly.
Pixzie already felt hot and she internally groaned. "No but giant other things like monsters and shit, I see those all the time," she looked at Olmaka "why?"
"I was curious. I watached alot of human movies when I was stuck in my hive and they seem to have several that mention different kinds so I wasn't sure if that was something common with them or not." She gave a shrug.


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