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Pintal Impite

Played by Kiki

Pintal Impite (a.k.a. cynicalTyphoon)

Has some Anger Issues. Will insult anyone lower than her. Or equal, really. Nobody takes her rage seriously, due to her looking like an 8 year old. This fills her with More Rage. She is just a ball of salt and anger. She's fairly charismatic and friendly around highbloods, but among anyone lower, she's very quiet and snappy... if you manage to get her to speak at all. Once she's friendly, and you get her talking, she never shuts up. She will ramble for hours on end if you don't stop her.
She also really, really likes to go bother Saonji to do her nails every other day. She has most trouble staying out in the city, preferring to spend most of her time underwater and at home.
She constantly plots to assassinate her enemies (everyone) and take over the world, but it always tends to go wrong in almost comedic ways.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

4'5, small stature, slightly chubby, squishy face. Huge fins, huge eyes, cursed with cuteness so that nobody takes her seriously as she tries to fight them...

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Pintal grew up short, small, and attached to her lusus at the hip.
She was raised only around highbloods until she was at least 10 sweeps, due to her being scared to leave the house.
Her lusus eventually coerced her to go out, and she was almost shocked upon seeing colors other than fuschia, violet, and purple.
She spent most of her years afterwards avoiding mostly lowblood-inhabited areas, just barely tolerating midbloods. After the Merge, she almost lost her mind upon seeing humans and decided that this was UNACCEPTABLE and is now dead set on becoming the new ruler.
She once had a lowblood friend, a rustblood, who was accidentally killed in front of her during a fight by a goldblood who couldn't fully control their psionics yet.
This caused her anxiety to get much worse, and ever since then she's decided to only make friends online. Her lusus goes around with her everywhere due to her anxiety, and she's unable to go out on her own. She spends most of her time cooped up in the Fish Mansion, either harassing Saonji, cuddling with her lusus and surfing the web, posting to social media, trying to amass as many followers as she possibly can, to get her some influencer power and make up for her inability to socialize outside of the internet.
Her political power is about the same as Elon Musk. Disgustingly rich, nobody actually knows why, like sure, he worked somewhere, but he just posts anime girls on social media all day, how is he so rich?
That's her. She also posts anime girls all day on Chittr and she's rolling in cash. She used her fuschiablood status to her advantage, and now she's the top-followed troll on there.


nothing. she's just royalty. that's her occupation. social media influencer? disgustingly rich, that's what.

Accomplishments & Achievements

jiujitsu. leaving beanbag chairs. training animals. making homemade explosions underwater. what was that noise? oh, nothing....

Personality Characteristics



Likes & Dislikes

pink things, platform shoes, scrunchies, cooking and baking, blowing things up
lowbloods, humans, the cold, and being outside for too long. and being called a child . . .
105 sweeps/225 years
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
types entirely in lowercase
never uses punctuation
sends multiple messages
lots of kaomoji
manatea lion. manatee sea lion. chubby. large. big bean bag sweet boy. takes her everywhere
They have a good relationship, mainly consisting of him picking her up by her scruff every time she tries to fight someone twice her size. Which is daily.
Still acts like a parent, despite her being 225 years old. It doesn't help her "I'M NOT A CHILD!" case much.
➠Original Planet


In Person




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