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Park 3} Kankri and Dirk

Kankri played by Kiwi, Dirk played by Jiro
Kankri was sitting on the ground beside a tree with his face in a book. His bag sat beside him and some of his homework was strewed around him and he hummed. He looked pretty focused on his book as he hummed.
Dirk was walking in the park. He thought it would be a good idea to go get some fresh air today. While walking, he saw Kankri sitting by the tree. Dirk walked over, standing next to him. Sup, Kankri."
It took him a moment to register to him that someone was speaking. When he did he looked up and saw Dirk. He set his book down and stood up. "Hell9 Dirk," Kankri said looking at him, "Funny seeing you here today, how are y9u?"
"I'm good, i was just getting some fresh air and stuff. How are you?" Dirk sat down next to Kankri, so he didn't have to look up at Dirk.
Kankri blinked as he sat back down. He folded his hands in his lap, "Ah yes, it is always g99d t9 have fresh air. I find that it is in fact the 6est way t9 clear y9ur head. I am d9ing quite alright thank y9u f9r asking. I was just c9ming 9ut here t9 get s9me w9rk d9ne. I have c9me t9 find that it is already all d9ne. I f9rg9t that I finished it all in class. Since I was d9ne with w9rk I decided t9 read a 699k. Why g9 inside when I c9uld stay 9ut and have a little m9re time t9 6e 9utside and give myself a 6it m9re healthy instead 9f 6eing 9n the huskt9p all day."
Dirk sat and listened to what Kankri had to say. He waited until Kankri was done speaking to speak himself. "Yeah, even though i do stay inside most of the time, it's nice to come out here and get away from stuff that's going on. You never really notice how relaxing the outdoors can be until you're out relaxing in them."
Kankri chuckled and nodded. "Yes, y9u are definitely c9rrect. We spend way t99 much time inside and 9n 9ur devices. The wh9le planet c9uld pr96a6ly get 9ut m9re 6ut it's harder s9metimes with w9rk and 9ther pr96lems that c9me with g9ing 9utside. The sun als9 makes it hard s9metimes unless y9u are a cis6l99ded Jade6l99d."
"Cisblooded? Can you like, trans your bloodcolour?" he paused. "Sorry if those questions are triggering to you. But the word 'cisblooded' has piqued my interest." He turned his head in Kankris direction.
Kankri smiled at him "9h n9 n9 I'm glad y9u asked. Asking questi9ns is g99d it isn't 9ffensive I will explain pe9ple with Tran6l99d t9 y9u." He sat up a little straighter adjusting himself. "S9 y9u can 6e trans6l99ded it just means that y9u feel a different 6l99d c9l9r t9 the 9ne y9u were 69rn as. There aren't any surgeries y9u can have t9 change that 6ut s9me pe9ple will pick up the traits 9f 9ther castes t9 feel less 6l99d dysph9ria. "
"Hm. That's pretty cool. I didn't really expect trolls to be transblooded and stuff like that. Say like, there's a goldblood, but they feel like they're a Jadeblood or something. How would that work? I thought the sun was harmful to not-Jadebloods."
Kankri hummed "well I am n9t trans6l99ded s9 I cant speak f9r every9ne but the sun just makes n9n cisjades tired. It d9sent hurt us anym9re. A transjade w9uld pr9b9bly have sun dysph9ria since they cant g9 9ut in it like cisjades can" he explained to Dirk.
"I suppose that makes sense. I guess it's kinda the same for being transgender. I dunno, this is confusing. Anyways. What are you doing for class. Or. Already did do?"
"Yes 9f c9urse it is a l9t like 6eing transgender. Als9, I wr9te a speech f9r my pu6lic speaking class. An9ther 9ne f9r my p9litics class. S9me 9ther papers n9thing special. " He hummed softly
"I didn't know you were in politics class. I'm not that surprised, honestly. The public speaking didn't come to that much of a surprise to me. But politics? I feel like some of the subjects of politics might be triggering to you."
Kankri chuckled softly, "I am pretty 9kay and n9t myself triggered 6y a l9t 9f things. Y9u see I have t9 learn a69ut all 9f these things in 9rder t9 6e a p9liti9n. I highly d9u6t it will g9 anywhere 6ecause 9f the current state 9f 9ur g9vernment 6ut I am n9t g9ing t9 give up. I like t9 tag triggering inf9rmati9n 6ecause I want t9 pr9tect 9thers. That is als9 the reas9n I w9uld like t9 6e a p9lititi9n. These classes teach me a l9t a69ut h9w all s9rts 9f things w9rk. They d9n't trigger me."
Scene End


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