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Novia Roza

Novia "8Ball" Roza (a.k.a. infiniteEightball)

Novia is a fiery hellion, heavily driven by greed and a lust for power. She is intelligent and creative, and puts her wits to use in her lifestyle of heisting, blackmailing, and learning. She yearns to become the best hacker on the planet, and she shows great potential of getting there, but her highly irritable attitude and habit of acting before thinking often leads to her getting wrapped up in unsavoury situations. Under pressure, it's hard to tell what she will do; typically, she remains calm and collected when putting herself in harm's way, but as soon as a plan starts falling apart, she is quick to jump into rash decisions, leading to her either lying her way into a worse position than before, or spilling unnecessary blood just to get away as quickly as possible. As hotheaded as she tends to be, she is undoubtedly a genius, and--while she often struggles to apply her intelligence--she still remains a powerful asset and an even more powerful ally. Her interpersonal relationships are oft ripe with contention as she lashes out at, and manipulates, those close to her. Still, she would do anything to protect her friends, and often cares magnitudes more about a person than she would let on on the surface. She cares a little too much about seeming badass, and occasionally just makes herself look stupid with her unusual attempts at appearing cool.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Novia has a robotic right leg and bionic, black eyeballs with emotive white pupils. She has dyed green hair with purple wires wrapped around it. She has a (hopefully) bulletproof vest that wraps around her neck and up her face. Also, bionic tail!

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Novia doesn't know what exactly happened to her original lusus. All she knows is that, when she was a grub, she was discovered--injured and alone--by her adoptive lusus, Koar, and was nursed back to health by the lusus' troll, Crzdov Claroy. In the following sweeps, she grew up in a sort of dysfunctional family unit; one that was very unusual for a troll to exist within, but one that she accepted as normal during her childhood. Koar was highly protective of the trolls he had adopted, and Novia grew used to spending her days inside. Vnovie Rozali, an indigoblooded troll also adopted by Koar, was even more protective of the young limeblood--going so far as to name young Novia Roza after herself--and, wanting to regain some semblance of control from her lusus, would establish a firm grip over Novia's life. Novia accepted this as normal for her first few sweeps on Beforus, until she was introduced to the internet. Online, she came to understand just how vast the world was, and just how free other trolls were. Gradually, she became more rebellious and unruly, and sneaking out of the hive became an almost nightly occurrence. When she was able to escape her hive, Novia took to the streets as a petty thief, pick-pocketing and eavesdropping to take--and learn--things she wasn't supposed to. At home, she would spend all day on the computer; however, a typical web-browsing experience wasn't enough for her, and she gradually trained up her hacking and programming skills, leading her to make a name for herself in certain shady circles. This life of thieving continued, mostly without reproach, until the advent of The Merge. Novia took the surrounding chaos as an invitation to loot new locales, but, underestimating the brutality of Alternian trolls, was apprehended and severely wounded. Miraculously, she survived, with Koar returning her to her hive just on time for Claroy to rescue her--and to replace her damaged limbs and organs with experimental bionics.
According to Novia, she died that day. Her revival--her rebirth--is when she claims her life truly began. Being brought to death's door awoke her latent psychic powers. Before, she could only use her powers to light a flame the size of a match; but after being rebuilt, she found herself capable of utilising her thinkpan in new ways. She discovered a new connection with technology, and found herself capable of interfacing with--and hacking into--machines and computers from a distance. Novia abandoned her family to escape into the city, and hopped between a couple crews of professional thieves before forming a heisting crew of her own. Now, she works to steadily expand her grip over Amalgama's cities, planting her viruses on every computer she comes across to establish herself as a god of the new world.


Hacker, heister

Accomplishments & Achievements

Novia has the special ability to interface with technology from a distance by using her mind. She is a talented hacker and programmer. She can produce green flame from her hands. Knows how to fire a gun--just not very accurately.

Personality Characteristics


To become the best hacker in the world, (even though she claims to already be,) and to hack everything.

Likes & Dislikes

Computers, fire, soporifics, stealing, being in control, obtaining knowledge
Losing, enclosed spaces, being restrained, water
7 sweeps (16 years)
➠Sexual orientation
Pansexual, female lean
➠Typing Quirk
replaces "O"s with eightballs--"(8)"--and replaces "OO" with "∞". brands her m(8)re fiery language in b(8)ld, and is pr(8)ne to EXCLAIMING things t(8) SEAR her p(8)ints int(8) y(8)ur c(8)nsci(8)usness. doesn't capitalise the start (8)f sentences (8)r (8)ther pe(8)ple's names, but makes sure t(8) sh(8)w just h(8)w IMP(8)RTANT she is by capitalising "I", "Me", "8Ball", etc.
Never had one, but was "adopted" by a warthog-alligator lusus named Koar.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Time


In Person




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