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mutatedWarzone + prettyPetty

prettyPetty played by Jiro, mutatedWarzone played by Deku
prettyPetty [PP] has started trolling mutatedWarzone [MW]
PP: hey duuude. i told youuu i wouuuldnt forget youuur heaaadaaass' trolltaaag.
MW: speak of the devil. i WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT YOU.
PP: i see.
PP: wwwhy wwwere youuu taaalking aaabouuut me?
MW: a violetblood i know wOn'T GET OFF MY BACK.
PP: daaamn thaaat suuucks. i dont reaaally like highbloods. they like.
PP: suuuck. aaand i meaaan in the gaaay wwwaaay aaand the fuuuck youuu, youuu suuuck kindaaa wwwaaay.
MW: this one iS REALLY STUPID.
PP: haaahaaa oh shit
PP: tell me aaabouuut em
MW: he could also crush mE IN ONE SWIFT BLOW.
PP: jeguuus
MW: he's pretty DAMN SCARY.
MW: luckily, he's NICE ISH.
PP: ish?
MW: he gets these random BOUTS OF UNWARRANTED ANGER.
PP: souuunds rouuugh.
PP: my daaancestor is kindaaa like thaaat.
MW: wonder who MINE IS.
PP: howww the fuuuck did youuu forget
MW: far as i'm concerned, I DON'T HAVE ONE.
MW: he's probably a SHITTY PERSON.
PP: maaaybe. i knowww mine is.
PP: she didn't even caaare wwwhen i told her aaabouuut my luuusuus.
MW: yours is A GIRL?
PP: yuuup.
MW: cOoTiEs.
PP: wwwhaaat aaare youuu, aaa wwwriggler?
PP: wwwho beleives in fuuucking cooties aaanymore.
MW: it was A JOKE.
PP: yeaaah, suuure
MW: regardless, girls are rEaLlY FUCKING SCARY SOMETIMES.
PP: tell me aaabouuut it. Sydney is a fuuucking nightmaaare.
PP: compaaared to me, thaaat is.
MW: how old IS SHE?
PP: 12 swwweeps if i caaan recaaall correctly.
MW: woah, so SHE'S HUGE?
PP: phraaasing, buuut yeaaah.
MW: not lIkE THAT!
PP: i haaad to.
MW: of course YOU DID.
MW: the violetblood i was talking to thought wE WERE DOING SOMETHING GROSS AT THE PARK.
PP: i meaaan.
PP: ewww.
PP: wwwhaaat, thouuugh
MW: like kissing AND STUFF.
PP: thaaat is pretty gross.
MW: imagine that. nEvErMiNd, TOO GROSS.
PP: yep. very gross.
PP: i aaam very grossed ouuut aaas youuu caaan tell from my non saaarcaaastic text.
MW: wait, WHAT?
MW: i MEAN...
PP: wwwhaaat.
PP: wwwhaaat do youuu meaaan?
MW: what am i supposed TO MAKE OF THAT????
PP: wwwhaaatever youuud like to, daaarling.
MW: hSdGhHjFfIiHbBbCcMlHdNi.
PP: howwwever youuu feel is right.
PP: i'm juuust gonnaaa keep being cryptic aaabouuut this.
MW: there was nothing CRYPTIC ABOUT THAT!!!!
PP: it's juuust going to get progressively cryptic uuuntil youuu caaant tell wwwhaaat the fuuuck i'm saaaying.
PP: slowwwly, thouuugh.
PP: daaarling.
MW: pHrAsInG!!!!
PP: ;p
MW: at this point you're JUST TOYING WITH ME.
PP: aaare youuu suuure aaabouuut thaaat?
MW: why else would you make ME BLUSH FOR NO REASON????
PP: ;p
PP: i duuuno, nuuumbskuuull, wwwhy wwwouuuld i?
MW: because iT's FUN.
MW: and highlights the fact that i AM NOT, IN FACT, A MUTANT.
PP: it is quuuite fun. and quuuite funny. buuut aaalaaas, thaaats not wwwhy.
MW: no WAY.
MW: do YOU..?????
PP: do i?
MW: oh come on. you know WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, RIGHT?
MW: you can't POSSIBLY NOT.
PP: yeaaah. i do.
MW: so answer THE QUESTION.
PP: maaaybe i do.
MW: wait, really? YOU'RE SERIOUS?
PP: it's aaa possibility.
MW: but... WHY?????
MW: i lied TO YOU.
PP: yeaaah, aaand?
MW: god, i'm AN IDIOT.
MW: i MEAN.....
PP: youuu maaay be aaan idiot, buuut only like 1/3rd of one.
MW: no, i'm definitely an ALL THE WAY IDIOT.
MW: otherwise i wOuLdN't BE PANICKING.
PP: youuu haaave a good aaarguuument.
MW: how are YOU CALM???
PP: bold of youuu to aaassuuume i'm caaalm.
MW: what am i SUPPOSED TO SAY???
PP: wwwords, duuunkaaass.
PP: juuust saaay wwwhaaat youuu feel is right, duuude.
MW: but that's embarrassing, I.E. NOT COOL.
PP: aaare youuu the maaaster of cool or some shit nowww?
MW: yEs.
PP: i most definitely believe thaaat.
MW: i'm definitely cOoLeR THAN THIS.
PP: i douuubt thaaat, buuut okaaay.
MW: which PART?
PP: both.
MW: well how can you expect a guy tO BE COOL WHEN YOU HAVE THOSE EYES?
PP: youuu meaaan the eyes thaaat i cover most of the time?
MW: that just hEiGhTeNs THE EFFECT!
PP: faaair point.
MW: i've been thinking about you ALL DAY, IT'S NOT FAIR!
PP: thaaats juuust the side effects of meeting sertaaas eriuuuraaa.
MW: no fUcKiNg SHIT.
MW: did you put like, a MIND CONTROL SPELL ON ME?
PP: fuuucking.
PP: no. wwwhaaat?
MW: it's plausible. clowns ARE WEIRD, Y'KNOW?
MW: one tried to give mE SOME WEIRD CANDY ONCE.
PP: don't fuuucking truuust clowwwns, then.
MW: who said I DID?
PP: youuu got me there.
PP: i haaave no ideaaa howww to retaaaliaaate wwwithouuut being aaa fuuucking dipshit.
MW: i was getting tired oF BEING THE DIPSHIT HERE.
PP: youuull aaalwwwaaays be the dipshit here.
MW: we'll SEE.
PP: oh, wwwill wwwe?
PP: i'm pretty suuure youuure going to remaaain the dipshit here.
MW: that sounds like something A DIPSHIT WOULD SAY.
PP: i'd keep this dipshiterry going buuut wwwe'd be here for aaages going baaack aaand fouuurth wwwith it like aaa couuuple of fuuucking.
PP: wwwell
PP: dipshits
MW: aGrEeD.
PP: fuuuck, nowww there's nothing to taaalk aaabouuut.
PP: uuunless youuuve been uuup to aaanything laaately
MW: do you like... wanna meet UP AGAIN SOON OR SOMETHING..?
PP: suuure, wwwhy not
PP: wwwhere wwwouuuld wwwe even go thouuugh?
MW: there IS always the movies... IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, I MEAN...
PP: yeaaah the movies souuund fuuun
MW: i know it's a little CLICHÉ FOR DATES, BUT STILL.
MW: wait, forget i SAID THAT.
PP: forget youuu saaaid wwwhaaat
PP: it is aaa daaate thouuugh, i'm not gonnaaa forget thaaat eaaasily
MW: wait, REALLY?
PP: yeaaah, reaaally.
MW: so... WHEN?
PP: i'm free aaanytime. so i guuuess it's uuup to youuu.
MW: hmm... how about nExT WEEK, SAME DAY?
PP: souuunds like aaa daaate.
PP: i suuuppose i'll see youuu then.
MW: next week, 12:00. i'll SEND YOU MY ADDRESS.
mutatedWarzone [MW] sent a location.
PP: raaad. i'll be there
MW: by the way... i THINK YOU'RE REALLY CUTE.
mutatedWarzone [MW] ceased trolling prettyPetty [PP].
To be Continued...


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