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Lutonk Ovores

Played by Link

Lutonk Ovores (a.k.a. obliqueOrb)

Lutonk is an oddball, inside and out. He is driven by an inexplicable obsession with circles - he types with them, constantly draws them, and even opens his eyes as wide as possible to look like them. He has no sleep schedule to speak of and instead takes naps on any and all surfaces at seemingly random times. This unusual attitude of his leads to him having very few friends; but, when people do grow close to him, he is determined to protect them however he can. He is obligated to lead unsuspecting trolls of all castes to his lusus, and usually feels terrible about it - but, he feels as if he doesn't have a choice, and powers through anyway to the best of his ability. So much of his lusus' venom remains in his system that sleeping for more than a couple hours usually gives him severe nightmares.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

He is short and usually is sitting in foetal position, typically wrapped in his grey-checkered blanket. He tries to keep his eyes as rounded as possible and his long, wild hair is in a constant bedhead. His horns curve around, making a perfect circle shape in the centre.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lutonk spends most of his time alone or with his moirail, Irmano, not having very many friends. But, it wasn't always that way - Lutonk has seen many companions come and go over the years, with a number of them falling prey to his lusus' gruesome feeding ritual. Nowadays, he tries to keep his friendships online, but he can't help but feel lonely most of the time because of this. He has been trying to come out of his hive more as of late - partially because his lusus needs him to, but also for his own mental wellbeing.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Lutonk is small and sneaky, and is surprisingly proficient at rolling around. He's pretty good with a chakram.

Personality Characteristics


To escape his lusus. To collect as many circles as he can.

Likes & Dislikes

Circles, napping, cookies, circles, rolling around, insects, circles.
When people ruin circles, feeding his lusus, not feeding his lusus, spiders, nightmares.
8 Sweeps (17 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Makes his obsession with circles blatantly obvious by inserting unnecessary capitalized O's, leaving every other letter lowercase, and enclosing his sentences in parentheses. He also follows up every sentence with a wide-eyed emote.
"(Oi reOlly lOike circOls) OvO"
"(the qOick brOwn fOx jOmps OvOr the lazy dOg) OwO"
A large, round-bodied spider with long legs. Lutonk's lusus needs to drink the blood of trolls to stay docile. Whenever it drinks a troll's blood, it injects them with a neurotoxic venom that causes horrific nightmares that can appear to last for years at a time. If Lutonk does not feed trolls to it, his lusus drinks some of his blood instead.
➠Original Planet
Bard of Blood


In Person




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