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Lumina Rhokan

Played by Link

Lumina Rhokan (a.k.a. gossamerEmpyrean)

[/container] Lumina is an ethereal remnant who tries to offset her hollow sense of being with simple pursuits. She is a ghost with a jaded spirit, and usually seems tired and slow on the uptake. She can often be found blankly staring off into space for hours at a time, idly clutching a doll or touching the leaves of a plant. Despite her distant attitude, she manages to hold her interests dear, and finds enjoyment in doing the things she loves, (although she struggles to show her excitement). She enjoys making possessed dolls and sewing little outfits for them, and also finds pleasure in tending to her ghost plants and brewing her own ghost tea. At heart, Lumina is a healer; she seems to understand the body and the mind on another level than most people, and while her methods may seem unconventional and nonsensical at first, the results cannot be argued with. She finds warmth in making others feel complete again, although she is bad at maintaining friendships due to her reticent nature. She has a poor memory, and often forgets places or people soon after encountering them, only for these memories to return later seemingly out of the blue. She seems to suffer somewhat as a result of her undead nature, especially when it comes to trying (and failing) to recall memories. She is incredibly patient and understanding, and rarely is upset by things, unless her way of life is seriously thrown off balance.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Lumina is airy and gentle in appearance. Her long, silky hair floats and sways with the gentlest breeze, and faint, translucent wisps trail behind her whenever she moves. Delicate ghost ivy frames her face, growing up her neck, partly over her cheeks, and around her horns. Her snow-white eyes are typically tired yet content, and she is often distantly expressionless as she finds herself staring off into space. She dresses like a doll, and is unsure of whether she made her own ghost clothes or not.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lumina claims to not remember how or when she died. All she recalls are the years (decades? centuries?) that she spent on a small tropical island out in the middle of the ocean. She'd calmly float between the trees, over the water, and through the ruins there, knowing nothing more than her island home and the seemingly scattered knowledge imparted onto her from her previous life. She spent many hours (weeks? months?) at a time staring out over the ocean, trying to understand her existence, and trying to remember. To offset her loneliness, she made a multitude of dolls out of whatever materials she could find on the island, and often had tea parties and sleepovers with them. Lumina didn't even notice when the merge happened. Confined to her island home, she was happy, (save from the burning feeling within her of being lost,) and was content with her simple existence.
That was, of course, until a pirate crew showed up to plunder a treasure the ruins she called home.
At first, she was afraid, a bubbling fear of the unknown leading her to verbally lash out at the pirates and command them to leave. However, she calmed down after some time, and came to actually enjoy the company of the pirates. For the first time in her unlife, she had real people to speak to, and it made her feel more oriented in the world. The pirates never did find the treasure they were searching for, but they found her, and she now travels with them through the seas, acting as their medic.


Lumina is a medic on a pirate ship.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lumina is a talented seamstress. She has an eye for the aesthetic, and understands fashion better than most trolls. She is a gifted healer, both mentally and physically, and can nurse people back to health even when the situation seems particularly dire. She knows a lot of things, but her knowledge isn't always accessible to her.

Personality Characteristics


She doesn't really have any aspirations. She wants to regain her memories, but doesn't know if it is possible.

Likes & Dislikes

Dolls, teddy bears, sewing, plants, relaxing, birds, ghost tea.
Being lost, fire, doing harm to others, forgetting things.
??? (appears to be around 20)
➠Sexual orientation
Unknown (Ghost)
➠Typing Quirk
spoOoOokily stretches oOout "oOo"s and splits woOords like "troOoll ian" and "basket ball" in toOo individual parts ^~^
➠Original Planet


In Person




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