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Liza Hartman

Played by Leng(Clay)

Liza Hartman (a.k.a. loveLess)

[/container] Liza is a quiet, monotone, sniper.
Despite not having much to say she enjoys playing pranks and lying to people for her own amusement. She isn't exactly mean spirited, for some one who shoots people in the head for a living, though, and her pranks are usually harmless and revolve around creating silly misunderstandings.
She feels she's saving the people she kills from a life of pain.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Liza has short almost shaved hair and a few ear piercings. She dresses oddly and wears braces on her legs that give her added mobility.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Liza was born in a war torn area and was injured as a child, limiting the use of her legs, and suffers from chronic pain. Liza was raised as a child soldier and for most of her life has done nothing more than follow orders and train in using a sniper rifle. Her group, the only family she's known, was killed in the merge and she is still out for revenge. She now takes orders from a lime blood troll going by 8Ball and is unflinching in her devotion. Curious about how society worked she developed a hobby of pretending to work places she didn't, to see how long it would take for people to notice.


Mercenary Sniper/Assassin

Accomplishments & Achievements

Very skilled sniper with sharp eyesight. High pain tolerance(though she's never not in pain).

Personality Characteristics


To get revenge and to achieve any goals 8Ball has.

Likes & Dislikes

People watching, pretending to be who she's not, the colors of blood
Being apart from her gun, failing in orders, missing a shot
27 Years old
➠Signature colour
➠Typing style
adds tonal indicators to everything, though she's not always honest about what she's indicating
➠Original Planet
Post-Scratch Earth
of Hope?


In Person




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