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Lelskt Dedren

Played by Kiwi

Lelskt Dedren (a.k.a. unflaggingHarlequin)

lelskt sprite
She is fun and energetic on the outside but most of that is her putting of a persona. In private she is observant and quiet so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Out in public or when around people she is what she says she is a clown a jester. She lives to make people stare at her. The spotlight is her life and she will always try to be in it. Anyone who knows her knows that she is talented and charismatic. Making people smile is her life.  
Extra bits:
Lelskt before actually getting a job as a dancer worked as a tailor at a clothing shop because she was very good a sewing. Sometimes when her boss wasn't around she would practice dancing at work

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As Lelskt grew up she became entranced with burlesque dancing. She thought it was the coolest thing ever and being a dancer became her dream. She became entranced with the arts as she got more into dancing. She tried to audition for any theater project she could as she grew up. Eventually, when she turned 21 she got a job at the burlesque bar and now her dreams have been finalized. She now has a new dream, to climb up the rungs of the industry and become famous for her talents.


She works as a dancer at a burlesque bar.

Personality Characteristics


She wants to be a famous burlesque dancer.

Likes & Dislikes

Bassoon, Clowns, acting, dancing, singing,
Bassoon, hecklers, internet trolls,
9.69 sweeps (21 years)
➠Sexual orientation
Caprius sign of the Climber
➠Typing Quirk
Doubles all vowels and H’s and Qs She uses a lot of onomatopoeias. (ie honk) She also makes her second double capital
"ThHeE qQuiIck broOwn foOx juUmps oOveEr theE laAzy doOg,"
Hyena that looks more beastly. It has sharper teeth and more jagged features. It can be pretty scary if you don’t know what to expect
➠Original Planet
Sylph of Breath


In Person



Character Portrait image: by Kiwi


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