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Izzy Terrell

Played by Blix

Izzy Terrell (a.k.a. pouncingLions)

[/container] She is a very energetic girl who loves to play and have fun. She normally tries to make friends with anyone that she meets so that they would stay with her and she wouldn't be lonely. Unfortunately, it never really seems to work and they end up being scared of her or don't want to stay with her for long enough. She would gladly do anything to make a new friend and hopes that they can at least stay friends for the time being. She loves any wildlife that comes to her sometimes and loves cats. Cats or dogs are her one favorite animal and really tries to keep them with her and make them feel at home. Normally she doesn't get mad mostly because there is no one around her to make her angry. But when she does, she tends to get super fussy and doesn't listen to anyone's orders. She is an overall friendly person and would love to make furrends with you!

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She normally wears a baggy coat of some sort when she's either relaxing or hunting for animals. Her hair is always a scraggy mess, due to her always getting into some fights with animals and it only reaches just above her shoulders. Her hair also mostly has leaves or debris in it from her messing around. She wears a white hat sort of resembles a wolf head, not an exact one though more like a cartoon one. She normally brings a spear or a knife made out of a rock with her at all times just to keep herself safe from any danger. She is pretty skinny and most of her clothes are baggy all of the time. None of her clothes are clean though from her being outside and hunting and such. She has scratches all over her body from other animals and a bandage placed over her nose. She always wears shorts in the warmer seasons and sometimes wears longer pants when it gets colder. If you look close enough though, she has abnormally pointed teeth that most humans don't have.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Izzy was originally a little sister to a rich family. She had everything that she wanted there including a lot of friends. Then one day, she was sick and tired of getting no actual attention from her family members. The attention was always on her sister and her parents thought that Izzy was rude asking for anything from them. They would always send her to her room for being selfish and wanting attention from them. So she decided to pack all of her valuables and run away from her home. Her parents wouldn't even notice, so why not do it. Then that night she took all her stuff and ran away for god knows how long she would leave for. She never wanted to see her family ever again and their lack to actually notice she was there. When she was tired of walking and running low on things to eat, she found an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere. So she decided to move in there with all of her clothes and stuff. It was hard to live there in the winters mostly because the shack was poorly put together so she had to find the warmest place in the cottage mostly all winter long. A few months after living in the cottage, a cat started to visit her every day, bringing her dead animals and such. She used to have a fear of cats, but then she realized that the cat was completely harmless and that she could become good pals with it. Then time went by and she got more and more used to her living environment until she was completely used to what she had to live in. She never heard from her parents again.


She is an obviously unemployed girl, but still has some money left over from the time she ran away which is a decent amount to buy food with.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Some of her skills are hunting the wild animals that surrounded her living space. She was also good at planting stuff because she would sometimes eat the vegetables that she grew for food. She is a trained fighter, but would never fight a human because she wouldn't want to hurt them.

Personality Characteristics


Mostly her dreams are to get out of the crummy shack that she lives in and more somewhere decent with someone to live with.

Likes & Dislikes

Roleplay, Meeting new people, Fluffy hats, Coats, Snow, Cats, Dogs, Nice people, Nearly most wilderness animals, Being cute, Hunting, Sharp things
Rain, Loud sudden noises, Bugs, Being angry, Being out of her comfort zone, Carrots, Talking about her family
➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
A paw
➠Typing style
She talks with a sort of, rough like manner, always with a little cat face at the end of her sentences. She also likes to do roleplay a lot, in her spare time :3
"the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog :3"
She was known to originally live with her mother and her father before she had run away somewhere else. They were not the best parents to her, they mostly put all of their attention on her older sister which she did not enjoy. In the new place that she lives now, she is not really taken care of by anyone but is visited by some wildlife animals every so often that would take care of her when she needed it.
➠Original Planet
Maid of Life


In Person



Character Portrait image: by Riley


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