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Icaria Katlan

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Icaria Katlan (a.k.a. axiomVeracity)

Icaria is a stalwart reporter and an unceasing force of charisma. She uses her silver tongue and sharp wit to discover and extract the truth from all manner of sources, all in the name of enlightening the masses. She is friendly and fun to be around, but her sceptical nature makes her slow to trust new people, with wavering paranoia occasionally driving her away from putting faith in otherwise harmless individuals; including, occasionally, her friends. That being said, she enjoys being around other people, and finds comfort in companionship whenever she can overcome this intrinsic distrust. She has poor impulse control, and is quick to jump into situations that may pose a threat to her. Much to her dismay, this extends to her nightlife, where she often struggles to drink only one beer, instead getting round after round of fancy cocktails and shots until she is too intoxicated to function.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Icaria is average height with a lean frame. She dresses sharply, typically in a dark teal suit with black-and-white detailing, and black sunglasses. Her hair is chopped short, above shoulder length, and her horns are large and curved. She typically has a confident posture, and is very emotive when she speaks.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child, Icaria was naturally curious about the world around her, often straying from her hive to explore the city and meet new people. Through this, she experienced the effects of injustices on the populace, having witnessed numerous race and class-based crimes and conflicts. This motivated her to maintain a number of online blogs as a teenager, intending to shine a light on the atrocities she had seen. This pastime lead to Icaria taking an interest in journalism as a whole, branching out into different areas as she constantly strode to get the next big scoop. Eventually, she was recognised for her talents and hired by a news agency, in which she steadily rose through the ranks until eventually getting her own television-based news channel; The Katlan Account. Now, she uses both her investigative skills and charismatic prowess to bring in audiences from all over the planet, always on the hunt to expose scandals and to educate the people on what they deserve to know about.


Icaria is a reporter and journalist on her own television news programme, The Katlan Account.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Icaria is highly skilled and gathering information and pursuing leads. She is charismatic and persuasive, and can hold her own in a fight. She is very good at reading people's subtle emotions, making it very difficult to lie to her. She has a great poker face, and tends to stay cool under pressure.

Personality Characteristics


She wants become even more famous, to expose the government's biggest secrets, and to learn the secrets of Amalgama. She hopes to overcome her drinking habits eventually.

Likes & Dislikes

Socializing, learning secrets, shiny things, being the centre of attention, informing people, being drunk, fashion.
Untrustworthy people, injustice, conspiracies to hide the truth, her drinking habits, not having anything to do.
10 sweeps (22 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
¯|¯ ypes with proper grammar, while using \/ E R Y |_ /-\ R G E , S |> /-\ C E |) - O |_| ¯|¯ |_ E ¯|¯ ¯|¯ E R S for capitals and emphasis.
"‾|‾ |-| | S _| || S ¯|¯ | |\| ! G roundbreaking research has just C |_| R E |) a previously ¯|¯ E R |\/| | |\| /-\ |_ disease!"
"‾|‾ he quick brown fox _| |_| |\/| |> S over the |_ /-\ Z Y |) O G !"
A skittish, winged lemur that likes to get high. Icaria's lusus can smell lies, and finds their scent to be very pleasant. It takes a particular liking to shiny objects.
➠Original Planet
Rogue of Light


In Person




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