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On the 13th of April, 2009, a game released on Pre-Scratch Earth that would change the world forever. The numerous young people and adults alike who played it could not have anticipated just what SBURB had in store.   Simultaneously, yet years apart, countless more individuals of two vastly different (yet incredibly similar) species from three other planets across three disconnected timelines played the same game.   Those who played the game found themselves - and huge parts of the world around them - transported to a different place entirely, in an event that would colloquially come to be known as The Merge.   Pre-Scratch Earth, Post-Scratch Earth, Alternia and Beforus were ripped apart, before being seamlessly reassembled as an entirely new, unified planetary body. Trolls and humans alike found themselves cast into this new world, surrounded by the familiarity of parts of their home fused with the foreign architecture and landscapes of the other species' planets.


After The Merge, there was a brief period of chaos and delirium as the residents of the freshly conjoined world adjusted to their new reality. Many were killed as frightened humans and trolls attacked each other on sight, before the various governments of the old planets were able to regain a hold over civilization. Alternian trolls were quick to establish dominion over the planet, instituting an expedient vice grip over the other governing bodies. In the years following, the denizens of the newly-named planet Amalgama got used to their new way of life.   ) (er Imperious Condescension, an Alternian fuchsiablood, had quickly risen to power over Amalgama. In the three years following, ) (IC ruled with a gilded fist, marking a period of time that would eventually be dubbed The Reign. She steadily rose in power, effortlessly crushing the attempts at rebellion from those beneath her. She pushed on to explore the dangerous landscapes of Amalgama, and eventually built herself a new ship capable of bringing her across the stars.   ) (IC seemingly eventually grew bored of her new domain, and left Amalgama to explore the stars of the new galaxy she found herself in. She left Amalgama in the hands of a Beforan fuchsiablood she had grown fond of, who goes by Their 4nnexed Erudition, or T4E.   This marked the end of The Reign, as a more progress-oriented leader took the stage.


T4E, being much more cognizant to the needs of the people than ) (IC was, immediately set out to tame the recalcitrant society beneath them. They took a much more peaceful approach to leadership and, over the following years, during a period known as The Surge, did their best to mend troll-human relationships and to create a fully-functioning society. Casteism and speciesism still remain an issue to this day, but vast strides were made in easing these prejudices during this period.   Amalgama was in a state of relative peace for the following three years as T4E worked to unite the masses. Which leads us to the present day.


It has been six years since The Merge, and troll-human relations are at an all-time high. Society is a well-oiled machine that caters to all, and the general populace are happy.   On the surface, that is.   Whispers swirl of rebellion, of treason, of secrets within the government - people are beginning to question why T4E doesn't want anyone to venture to the other side of the planet. Race relations are wavering as graffiti and vandalism spin a tale of a paper society built on bones and blood, cult activity is at an all-time high, and the monsters from the edge of the world seem to be growing more and more aggressive.   Will you become another face in the crowd? Or will you rise up, and unlock the secrets of Amalgama?


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