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Harrow Phaust

Played by Link

Harrow Phaust (a.k.a. hexesAmygdala)

Harrow is a ghastly fearmonger who uses their psychic ability to strike fear into the hearts of those they consider deserving of distress. They are astute and controlling, often coldly grasping at any opportunity to gain a stronger grip over those around them. Using this grip, they strive to further not only their own agenda, but the agenda of social justice, with hopes of someday dismantling the caste system altogether. Having the ability to induce a nightmarish, sleep paralysis-like state in others has lead them to appreciate the horrifying and macabre more than the average troll, which they like to reflect in how they act and present themselves. Harrow likes to call themselves "the Nightmare Host", a moniker spread through horror stories intended to strike fear without the express need for mental manipulation. While Harrow believes that they have the best interests of all people at heart, they actually have a skewed personal sense of what is right and wrong, and often find themselves doing bad things; their power tends to get to their head, and their righteous pursuits are often overshadowed by their morally dubious abuse of their own power. In person, Harrow is brooding and mysterious, hiding their emotions behind a façade of enigmatic control. They seem to always be simultaneously deep in distant thought and visibly picking apart your psyche. Their true emotions and intentions remain consistently hard to read. When particularly excited by something, Harrow's cool composure tends to be stripped away, with them becoming a fevered hysteric hellbent on having their way.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Harrow is naturally tall, only made larger by their platform boots. They have silky, shoulder-length hair with partial dreadlocks. They usually wear makeup to make themselves look both more beautiful and more unnerving, and have multiple piercings on their ears and face. Their horns are spiny and dangerous-looking. Usually, they are dressed in alternative fashion, and have a collection of different hats that they like to cycle through. When using their psychic powers, their eyes go completely black.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up, Harrow always felt like an outsider. They were often berated for the unusual way in which they behaved and presented themselves, and grew reserved from other young trolls as they witnessed terrible injustices happen around them. One night, when Harrow was a child, they came across some highbloods ruthlessly attacking a rustblood in the street. They knew they couldn't do anything to stop the highbloods, so they just stared at them with rage and contempt, imagining what horrible things they would like to happen to them. When the highbloods started reacting to the imaginary demons that Harrow had conjured up, the young ceruleanblood was surprised. The attackers fled the scene in terror, and Harrow excitedly returned to their hive, leaving the crumpled rustblood dying in the street.
Over the next few sweeps, they honed their gift, using it to form a tangled web of trickery and fear. They would target corrupt officials and anyone they deemed to be "evil", using their psychic ability to terrify and threaten people into conforming to their ideal way of life. The Nightmare Host built up quite a reputation for themselves through their cutthroat activism, becoming something of a horror story in particularly classist circles. Nowadays, they continue to spread terror in the name of a brighter future, with their ever-expanding web of fear growing heavier every day.


Blackmailer, vigilante.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Harrow can concentrate on an individual to telepathically cause them to hallucinate terrifying, waking nightmares.

Personality Characteristics


To abolish the caste system. To establish a vice grip over as many people as possible.

Likes & Dislikes

Anything scary, equality, being feared, being weird, knowing secrets.
The government, the caste system, close-mindedness, not being in control.
12 sweeps (26 years)
Nonbinary (They/them AMAB)
➠Sexual orientation
Pansexual, demiromantic
➠Typing Quirk
Speaks in a FORƐ=3Ɛ=3ODING and Ɛ=3ROODING manner, occasionally Ɛ=3XCLAIMING certain words to convey a sense of FƐ=3AR. Likes to include Ɛ=3ONƐ=3S in important words. (exclaimed B/E = Ɛ=3)
➠Original Planet
Knight of Hope


In Person




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