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Eertet Driosi

Played by blix

Eertet Driosi (a.k.a. adiosLuminary)

His personality is mostly shy and anxious around other trolls or people. He normally likes to keep to himself and keep his emotions to himself. If you normally talk to him unexpectedly or out of nowhere, he usually can't keep up a proper conversation without stuttering or not being able to talk with them without him covering up his face. No one has really seen him get angry, mostly because no one around him really talks to him that much. He is mostly used to being ignored by people mostly because he didn't really live in a place with people who had time to keep up with him and wait for him to get out an actual sentence. He loves it when people actually listen to them though and he tries to make friends with them, but struggles a bit due to his shyness. But for some apparent reason, when he gets antagonized by someone like they are about to kill him, he stays completely calm during the situation like nothing is going on. He is always normally pretty sleepy though because he stays up all night in his hive either reading or making crafts because he's bored. Some people might get scared of him due to his size, but is very friendly and wont do you any harm.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Eertet is a fairly large and tall troll, being 6’4 and all. He normally wears a big overcoat to any place and likes to wear a scarf occasionally. It's surprising how he doesnt get hot in all that stuff. He likes to put little star stickers or other stickers on his horns sometimes when there are stickers around. His horns basically look like what his sign looks like (Taursces), the top looking like a sort of lightning bolt, and a second pair of horns below that sort of look like they are going to point up but they point down. His teeth come from his lower jaw and they poke out of his bottom lip and stop at his upper lip. He has bronze colored freckles all over his arms and his face, but they aren't too plentiful. He wears round glasses normally when he's working with small objects or can't see small text. He always wears boots and long pants that are perfectly clear of any scuff marks on them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Eertet was a younger troll, he used to be a bully and make fun of people and stand up for himself at least. Then one day, when he was about to hurt a troll when they were just an innocent bystander, it turns out they had a weapon on them. The troll then turned around quickly before Eertet did anything and out of a fight or flight response, the troll took the knife and stabbed him in the eye and scraped it along his face. He fell down on the sidewalk, unable to get up or see from how much pain he was in while the other troll dropped the knife and ran away, and he crawled all the way back to his hive where he started to recover very slowly. To that day he promised never to do anything like that again or hurt anyone ever again. Whenever he's walking down the street, he always checks behind him just in case there's another troll about to run up and stab him somewhere in the face. From then on, he also promised to keep all of his emotions and thoughts to himself, worrying that if he did, he might hurt somebody in some way with his words or his actions.


They don't have a job at the moment, but would like to get one to get more money to buy food with. He would never steal from people though, he made a promise on that.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Eertet is a very skilled reader, mostly because he owns a lot of books in his hive and reads often, mostly all the time. He still is a skilled fighter, mostly because he did a lot of fighting with other trolls in the past, but he wouldn't hurt a fly after the incident happened to him.

Personality Characteristics


One of his dreams from when he was a young troll was to be able to make professional pieces of art for all trolls or humans to see. He practices those things every day to become better at them.

Likes & Dislikes

The quiet, Books, Art, Making crafts, Watch other people do things before he does them, Demonstrations, Colorful things, Rain
The cold, Being the leader of things, Getting his horns stuck on a doorway, People making fun of him, People being rude to him, Shouting, Pointy stuff
8 sweeps (17 years old)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
He uses a backtick and puts a line before and after every sentence. He usually is pretty shy with his words and doesn't really shout all that much.
"|the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog|"
His Lusus is a giant moth that takes very good care of him and takes care of him wherever and whenever they can. If someone is violent with him, or tries to antagonize him they will have no problem trying to attack them and protect Eertet. The Lusus is normally friendly though to the trolls or people that are nice to him and thinks it's their duty to protect them as well.
➠Original Planet
Mage of Life


In Person




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